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According to the statistics of Tianheng integrity home decoration technology service center under the home decoration Committee of Beijing Building Decoration Association, the most vulnerable place for home decoration at present is the waterproof works of all wood products, latex paint walls and toilets in the decoration. Due to these three problems, the quality disputes of home decoration caused by these problems account for more than 80% of the total number of decoration complaints

therefore, you should pay special attention to the “ Sensitive areas &rdquo

especially in material selection and construction, you should be extra careful to avoid quality problems

in order to prevent “ Sensitive areas ” In case of quality problems, we have specially prepared a group of relevant articles for you, hoping to help you

wood deformation: the most important thing to keep the moisture content stable

at present, many families use a large number of wood products in decoration, such as curtain boxes, heating covers, fixed furniture, wood wires, door and window covers, etc. However, once the temperature and humidity in the room change greatly, some wood products will crack, warp and deform. In fact, many quality problems of home decoration are caused by the moisture content of wood products

all wood products, whether solid wood materials or artificial boards, contain a certain amount of moisture. Many consumers believe that the drier the wood, the better. In fact, this view is biased. Only when the moisture content of wood remains stable within the normal range can we ensure that there are no quality problems in decoration. The moisture content of wood materials used in general families should be about 8%. Too high or too low moisture content will cause quality problems in wood decoration

in order to keep the moisture content of wood stable, you should pay attention to the following points in decoration:

1 Use more artificial boards

compared with solid wood materials, the texture performance of various artificial boards is much more stable. Due to the texture of solid wood materials, cracking, warping and deformation will inevitably occur when the temperature and humidity change greatly. And man-made board is to decompose wood into wood chips or wood pulp, and then make board again. Because the original physical structure of wood is broken, when the temperature and humidity change greatly, the “ Deformation ” It is much smaller than solid wood

2. Pay attention to details in construction

in home decoration, the key to the quality of woodwork lies in construction, especially in the treatment of details:

● paint all woodwork immediately after installation. This layer is called “ Topcoat ” The paint can not only protect wood products, but also isolate moisture and maintain the normal moisture content of wood

● the binder shall not be mixed with water. At present, white latex is generally used as the adhesive for the joints of wood products in home decoration. In order to cut corners, some workers mixed water in white latex. This not only reduces the strength of the binder, but also the wood products are prone to quality problems after absorbing moisture

● all timber shall be stored for several days. After you buy the wood for decoration home, you'd better put it on the decoration site for a few days before using it. The purpose of this is to make the moisture content of wood close to the level of new houses

3. Be careful when purchasing materials

when you buy wood for decoration, it is impossible to determine the moisture content of wood only by looking and touching. So some people sigh: if only by visual inspection, the moisture content of wood can be described as “ Immortals are hard to distinguish ”. In fact, there are some tips that can help you determine whether the moisture content of wood is qualified. Generally, the dry wood has obvious characteristics, the weight is significantly reduced, the hand feel is not cool, the beating sound is crisp, and when pushing and planing “ Hua Hua ” Make a noise, the shavings are hot, and the planed surface is smooth. However, the wood with high moisture content is heavy, feels cold, and is not crisp when pushing, and even the shavings water out. This kind of wood cannot be used

cracking of insulation wall: there are many ways to skillfully adopt

at present, in many new houses, there are new insulation walls with insulation layers. This kind of wall is easy to crack the emulsion paint in the decoration. In fact, this kind of cracking is due to cracks in the cement of the wall, or the wall “ Insulation board ” It is not the quality problem of decoration, but the insurmountable defect in architecture that is caused by the cracking of joints

in order to pursue the best decoration effect and use decoration to make up for building defects, the technicians of the decoration company have come up with many ways to deal with the cracks of the insulation wall. You can choose according to your own actual situation and decoration budget:

1 After cleaning the base of the wall, stick a layer of dacron cloth, kraft paper or newspaper on the wall first, and use the tension of the fiber to ensure the integrity of the emulsion paint film. This method is relatively simple and easy, but the effect is general

2. Remove the insulation board on the wall surface, or remove the cement wall surface, and install a layer of gypsum board or “ Five centimeter plate ”, Then make emulsion paint on it. This method can remove all irregular cracks. The cracks are generally the joints between plates, which is easier to deal with. However, this method is costly and difficult to construct

3. Use decorative materials with elasticity. At present, there is a “ Elastic putty ” It can make up for the wall cracks to a certain extent. Nippon Paint's “ Three in one ” It can also play a role in bridging the small cracks on the wall. But the “ Elasticity ” Smaller, it doesn't work on the wall with severe cracks

in addition, some consumers simply remove the insulation layer of the wall. Although this method can be done once and for all, it will reduce the thermal insulation performance of the wall, so it is not recommended that you use it

toilet leakage: strictly prevent sticking to the corners

many families have to break down the original toilet wall and floor tiles and lay new tiles in the decoration. As a result, it is necessary to do waterproof engineering on the wall and floor of the toilet again. If there is a quality problem in the waterproof project, the water stain will leak into the next room at first, and then it will leak downstairs, causing serious losses to your home and neighbors

at present, there are many kinds of waterproof materials used in toilets, and basically the waterproof effect is good. But you should pay attention to specific construction details

1. The toilet floor shall be leveled first. If you want to replace the floor tiles in the bathroom, after chiseling off the original floor tiles, you must first level the ground with cement mortar, and then do waterproof treatment. This can avoid leakage caused by uneven thickness of waterproof coating

2. The joints shall be painted in place. The joints between the toilet wall and the ground, as well as the joints between the water supply and drainage pipes and the ground, are the places where problems are most likely to occur. During the construction, you must urge the workers to deal with these corners, and all waterproof coatings must be applied “ In place &rdquo

3. Wall treatment is also important. In the general toilet waterproof treatment, the wall should also be made about 30 cm high waterproof paint to prevent water from seeping through the wall. However, if the wall of the bathroom is a non load-bearing light wall, the whole wall should be fully coated with waterproof paint. If you use a two fan shower screen in your home, the two walls connected should also be fully painted. If your home uses a bathtub, the height of the waterproof coating on the wall adjacent to the bathtub should also be higher than the top edge of the bathtub

4. Waterproof experiments must be done. After the toilet construction is completed, block all the water in the toilet and build a 25 cm high “ Ridge ”, Then pour 20cm high water into the bathroom. After 24 hours, check the surrounding walls and floors for leakage. This 24-hour waterproof experiment is the key to ensure the quality of toilet waterproof engineering, and you must do it

5. Keep the water unobstructed. All sewer pipes in the bathroom, including floor drains and sanitary ware, should be kept unobstructed. Only in this way can “ Flooding the seven armies ” The tragedy happened





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