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On June 2, the first Shanghai Construction Expo was grandly opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. There are many brands of customized home furnishings, and canoya's wardrobe is shining with a new brand image

on June 2, the first Shanghai Construction Expo was grandly opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. This is the first show in Shanghai jointly launched by Guangzhou Construction Expo, which enjoys the reputation of "the first exhibition of building materials in Asia", and the "Shanghai kitchen and bathroom Exhibition". Many brands of customized home furnishings are gathered, and canoya wardrobe is shining with a new brand image. The editor went straight to the exhibition site to bring you the freshest and hottest exhibition broadcast

the first exhibition of the Shanghai Construction Expo made a grand debut on the Shanghai beach with a super large scale of more than 100000 square meters. With its "window" effect of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, world-class business exchange platform, and strong joint exhibition strength, Shanghai Construction Expo will strive to build an important professional exhibition platform for "big building materials". Echoing with the South and north of Guangzhou Construction Expo, it will determine a new pattern of "two exhibitions a year, two exhibitions" and promote the development of the architectural decoration industry

as the "fashion representative" at the exhibition, the overall style of customized home furnishing brands has attracted much attention. In particular, eight major brands such as Sofia, canoya and meinimei have appeared in the exhibition in the form of joint pavilions, which has aroused heated discussion in the industry. On the same day, the launching ceremony of the "customized wardrobe and big players" excellent brand joint Hall hosted by Guangdong wardrobe industry association was held ceremoniously, followed by the president's high-end forum to explore new forces to promote the development of the industry, setting off a trend of "cooperative alliance and centralized customization"

under the appeal of the alliance brand, as a leading brand in the comprehensive strength of the customization industry, canoya showed a unique style of a big brand, attracting many merchants and friends to stop. Canoya has won the praise and praise of the majority of merchants with its simple and atmospheric brand image, traditional Chinese exhibits and preferential franchise policies. Many interested franchisees have enthusiastically exchanged the details of franchise policies and relevant brand information with the regional head, and the negotiation atmosphere is warm

from June 2 to 5, the CCPIT Expo will continue to be wonderful. Interested exhibitors are welcome to visit Kanoya booth (2.1d202) to learn more about the brand style

in addition, from July 8 to 11, the annual grand ceremony of the architectural decoration industry - Guangzhou Construction Expo will be held in the exhibition hall of Pazhou Canton Fair. Kanoya will make a grand appearance with new smart products, bringing greater surprises and more highlights to the majority of merchants. Please look forward to it




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