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Elegance is contained in simplicity, emitting slight light, and there is a taste of music in the sight. At the moment of inspiration, let the notes flow freely and shuttle through every corner of this space. I sing the most beautiful melody in my heart, dedicated to my lover, my most free space, my home... [decoration householder]: Acheng

[decoration style]: mixed style decoration

[decoration house type]: 160 flat

[designer]: non empty

owner self statement: like tradition, like classics, love music, love art. Whenever I want to have my own little world, I can stretch every note freely when inspiration comes. This is what I said to the designer at the beginning of the house decoration. Design work is also artistic creation in essence. I believe he can understand my idea. After that, I added. After many communications, the new model of my family was finally released. There is no doubt that the style of a master creates an extraordinary aura

160 flat creative mix and match duplex

the elegant gray sofa, black iron chandelier, pure white wall and brightly colored decorative painting seem to be scattered, but they also form a whole. They cannot be defined by a single style, just because they integrate too many artistic elements

160 flat creative mix and match duplex

the TV background wall adopts an artistic wallpaper full of a sense of time, which is simple and elegant. The hay of the vases on both sides reflects the wild atmosphere of nature. Large French windows make the whole space bright and clean

160 flat decoration creative mix and match duplex

has always been fascinated by traditional Chinese characteristics, worried about similarities everywhere, so they selectively add relevant elements. The dark red solid wood tea table matches the wooden frame line of the TV background, which increases the overall sense of solemnity

the dining room is wide and bright, the dining table is still dominated by dark red, and the chandeliers in the dining room are consistent, taking care of each other. The drinking table lamps creatively add hooks, and the cups are placed as soon as you reach out

the overall texture of the guest bedroom decoration is full, and the brown dot pattern curtains have a thick texture. Combined with the traditional big bed, it makes the whole look warm and not cumbersome. Open the curtains, and there is another beautiful scenery outside

the Chinese elements of the master bedroom are reflected in the bed, desk and wardrobe. Light yellow walls and yellow and green curtains enhance the overall color, which is the most suitable space for study or rest

the pattern of the study is simple, and the bookshelves arranged in line take up less space. Mild lighting is an extremely suitable space for thinking and learning

the bathroom has a large space, which is easy to arrange. The ivory bathtub and light gray wall tiles have a soft and fresh visual feeling. The white porcelain wash basin is placed on the pure wood cabinet, and the natural wood tone shows a unique feature

the most distinctive feature of the second bedroom is the decorative painting. The abstract pattern, the intersecting tone of light and dark and the neat arrangement make up an indescribable feature. Fancy chandeliers and red curtains all reflect the solemn spatial characteristics

a unique space, which belongs to music, freedom and creativity. The wall decoration everywhere reflects free and easy and unrestrained. When the beautiful notes are sung, can we have a snooker competition happily

guitar, wooden cards, five pointed stars full of old colors seem to be telling the memory and nostalgia of an era. The shape of the stone wall is random and unique. Can you sit on it and play the melody that has gone away wantonly




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