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With the development of the real estate industry, the building materials industry has developed rapidly, and the door and window industry has entered a spring. Now thousands of door and window brands are selling doors and windows everywhere, leading to the white hot competition in the door and window industry. So what should door and window agents think of such competition

at present, with the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for doors and windows are also higher and higher, and the price is often not the factor that people first consider, so the price war between doors and windows has become a thing of the past. Now people pay more attention to the experience, personality and service of exclusive stores in the process of consumption, so as to highlight their own advantages, drive marketing with "service" and increase the added value of products

emotional marketing is a broad concept, which takes the personal emotional differences and needs of consumers as the core of emotional marketing of enterprise brand marketing strategy. In an increasingly competitive market, people's previous consumer demand has become increasingly thin. Therefore, any product should be endowed with an emotion to capture the hearts of consumers. Any valuable brand must meet the needs and values of consumers. Therefore, only by planning an effective "emotional marketing" strategy can door and window agents improve their market share

services to meet consumers

generally, when we go to the door and window terminal store to buy doors and windows, the door and window guide will always promote products, so that you can't think independently, or even make wrong choices, which is the most annoying practice of consumers. Door and window agents should learn from Steve Jobs, the founder of "apple". He once said that when communicating with people, don't always promote your products, but know what the other party is thinking and wants, and you need to think from the perspective of others. Yes, while doing a good job in emotional marketing, the emotional appeal of door and window agents should not be ignored

therefore, the marketing method of door and window agents should be changed with the changes of the times. The hard selling method has become obsolete, and now it is the era of emotional marketing


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