Yinghui aluminum's New Year video shooting highlig

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When the eyes of the times pass through the singing years, Yinghui aluminum is holding its head high and entering the broad stage of the future. Some people say that this is the most beautiful corporate New Year movie I have ever seen

looking back on 2018 and looking forward to 2019

the eyes of the times travel through the song like years,

Yinghui aluminum is holding its head high and entering the broad stage of the future

looking back on 2018, we will surely remember this glorious years

looking forward to 2019, we will work together to create the brilliance of Yinghui

the new year's bell is about to ring.

at this time of farewell to the old and welcome the new,

Yinghui's family members in Yinghui aluminum's joint headquarters office building, production workshop and marketing center jointly shoot 2019 New Year's film


Yinghui aluminum gives you a happy New Year

I wish you all good health, good luck and prosperous business in the New Year

the wonderful gags of New Year video shooting are shining on the stage. Let's watch the shooting gags on the scene

during the shooting, Yinghui's family picked up lanterns, gold ingots and handed out red envelopes. The scene was prosperous and full of new year's flavor! Full of joy

the partners participating in the shooting are enthusiastic, and each face is filled with a festive smile. The men are elegant and the women are elegant and beautiful, passing their best side to the camera

the positive comes out

get a glimpse of it

and welcome the arrival of 2019 together





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