Jinhu Tiandi 150 square meters postmodern style de

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After the original partition is broken, how to make the public activity space square and open, clearly divide the public and private sectors, and shape the hypothetical elements of the connected space, and finally internalize the dynamic space into a positive space is the primary task for designers. The following is a classic case. Let's follow the steps of Xiaobian

case data:

decoration community: Jinhu Tiandi decoration house type: large house type

decoration area: 150 square meters

decoration style: postmodern style

decoration cost: 320000

decoration company: (decoration bidding, decoration map)

more beautiful pictures: [Click to view]

labor contracting method: half package

audio visual room looks indoors

there is a big column not far from the entrance, The designer uses this distance to separate a storage room, and the three walls outside the storage room are just used as: porch aisle, dressing glasses, restaurant TV wall

living room

this case is located on the high floor of the 14th floor, with good ventilation and lighting

special color

there is no compartment in the living room and viewing room space, which is to highlight the uniqueness of the viewing room space and conform to the color allocated by the owner's background and personality




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