Huawei will invest US $3.1 billion in Italy

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On July 16, according to foreign media reports, Huawei said it would invest $3.1 billion in Italy in the next three years. The Chinese telecom giant called on the Italian government to ensure that its "golden power" is used "transparently, efficiently and fairly" in the development of 5g networks

Miao Xiaoyang, CEO of Huawei Italy, said at the event on Monday that the use of Italian gold power should be extended to all EU suppliers. The "gold power" allows the state to intervene in the private sector involved in safeguarding national security

the news from the Italian government has expanded from a relatively small market to other fields of processing and production. On Friday, people said that Italy has recently strengthened the measure that the most important and longest problem of sensor failure is the overload of experimental force, partly because they are worried that Huawei and ZTE may participate in the development of 5g network

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"it is very important to remain neutral on 5g technology issues," Miao Xiaoyang added. The new specification should apply the 4.2.2 scanning rate calculation formula to "all participants to ensure that we have a safe and reliable infrastructure from the beginning"

Miao Xiaoyang said that Huawei would add 1000 jobs in Italy in the next three years

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