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Huawei released Huawei smartcareboe solution

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 12, 2019] today, Huawei released Huawei SmartCare BOE (business operations enablement, BOE) solution to representatives of global operators, representatives of industry consulting companies and ecological partners at TM forum digital transformation Asia (DTA), Enable operators to realize digital business operation based on experience and data drive, and realize digital business development and new business growth

liangshiming, head of the business experience consulting and system integration Department of Huawei's global technical service department, made a speech at the TM forum DTA. Global telecom operators are generally faced with the challenge of not increasing the income of traditional telecom services and the difficulty of increasing the income of digital new services (video, games, cloud vr/ar, etc.). On the one hand, the traditional operation mode has long listing cycle, low marketing accuracy, poor real-time performance and low operation efficiency. On the other hand, operators have unique advantages such as good user base, rich data and marketing channels, and good user experience guarantee. How to break the channel mode and traditional operation mode of telecom operators, realize the transformation of digital operation, and equip ordinary computers to enable digital business development and business growth is a difficult problem for telecom operators

the solution aims to solve the business development pain point of operators. Based on the unified digital intelligent platform, it is the world's leading product of Huawei SmartCare@B.E.S.T. Network) and Huawei SmartCare SOC solutions enable operators to create the ultimate network experience without calibration; ③ With 8-channel door lock switch control, it opens up the digital operation and sustainable development road of operators from network, business to business

liangshiming, head of the business experience consulting and system integration Department of Huawei's global technical service department, delivered a keynote speech on the TM forum DTA, saying that the transformation of digital operations and the development of new digital businesses are the necessary choices for operators to achieve sustainable business success. 5g era is a historical opportunity for operators to realize the transformation of business and operation mode. How to effectively combine their own unique advantages and realize the transformation from product digitalization, marketing digitalization to business operation digitalization through top-down strategic drive is the key for operators to continue to win future business success

Huawei SmartCare BOE solution covers three dimensions of products and services, including product digitalization, precision marketing and digital business auxiliary operation. It is committed to shortening the market cycle of operators' products exclusively learned from the Ministry of industry and information technology, improving the marketing accuracy, improving the operation efficiency of digital business, and finally enabling the development and commercial success of operators' digital new business

Huawei advocates the concept of openness, cooperation and win-win results and scientific and effective methods. Through the concerted efforts of operators, Huawei and ecological partners, Huawei will jointly meet the new challenges and opportunities brought about by the digital operation transformation of the telecommunications industry. Huawei SmartCare solution has been applied to more than 60 countries, more than 90 operators and more than 300 projects in the world. The solution will continue to be user experience centric and data-driven, open up the digital operation and development path of operators from network, business to business, and enable operators to continue to achieve commercial success in the transformation of digital operation

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