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Huawei and Henry business school have joined hands to empower leadership talents and accelerate digital transformation

[reading, UK, November 30, 2020, globules can be used as reference samples for detection sensitivity] today, Huawei and Henry Business School announced to jointly create innovative digital transformation leadership improvement and talent training projects for global telecom operators and enterprise customers. The project shares ICT industry insights, advanced digital leadership practices and cross industry experiences. It aims to empower operators and enterprise customers and help current and future leaders develop digital transformation roadmap covering strategy, business, organization and culture

Henry business school enjoys a high reputation in the field of leadership and management with its unique strategic vision and insight; Huawei, in cooperation with leading operators and ICT enterprises in the world, has accumulated a large number of experience in adopting steel spring spheroidization and cross-cultural industries on the unique all traffic artery rail in more than 170 countries. This cooperation gives full play to the advantages of both sides in promoting global digital transformation

Professor John board, Dean of Henry business school, said: "in the past five years, our school has maintained close cooperation with Huawei. This time, I am also very glad to cooperate with Huawei to carry out a series of digital transformation leadership and talent capacity improvement projects to jointly change the world we live and work in and accelerate the development of the new material industry

wangduanjun, general manager of Huawei training institute, said: only by following the development trend of the digital future and strengthening the understanding and cognition of the digital future, can telecom operators and enterprise organizations maintain their competitiveness in a changing and fast-paced environment. Cooperating with Henry business school in the field of leadership improvement and talent training, and combining Huawei's practical experience with Henry business school's strategic insight, is of great significance to the digital transformation of ICT industry

Professor Kecheng Liu from Henry business school, the academic director of the project, said: it is a great honor to cooperate with Huawei, a top ICT company in the world, to provide training for senior leaders and young talents in the ICT industry and many enterprises. Such opportunities are invaluable to the public sector and private enterprises in any country

a set of digital transformation leadership courses customized by the project fully draw on the excellent experience of the world in dealing with the challenges of digital transformation in ICT industry. To learn more about joint projects, please visit the following links:

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