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Connecting you and me is warm-hearted - Huawei consumer contact center

as time goes by, Huawei consumer contact center has entered a stage of rapid development since 2012; It is its persistent spirit of continuous exploration, innovation, uncompromising service quality and practice; Through trials and tribulations, Huawei's consumer contact center will continue to uphold the user first concept and strive to bring professional and warm service experience to consumers

five major operation centers, more than 1000 online seats, and more than 100000 daily average business processing capacity. Huawei consumer contact center provides strong service support for users. The guardian of each service brand will present Huawei's products and services to the majority of users with a pious heart

Huawei consumer contact center constantly develops service channels, focuses on refining service paths, continuously optimizes service items, and strives to bring convenient, fast and intimate service experience to consumers

2012, Changshu operation center was established with about 30 online agent teams

january, 2014 is the starting year for, Internet and service platforms. Within one year, service channels such as service app, and live800 will be added. The two operation centers in Shanghai were completed at the end of 2015. By april2016, the online seating team had increased to more than 900 people

2014 is also the first year of e-commerce platform, and Shenzhen operation center was established. One year later, the number of e-commerce platforms gradually expanded from the original Huawei mall to 10 (JD mall, tmall mall, etc.). As of april2016, the online seating team has increased to more than 700 people

the service channels of Huawei's consumer contact center cover, customer service and Internet service support. The paths include,, official account, email, e-commerce platform, pollen forum, etc. the service items involve consulting service, inquiry service, technical support, complaint handling, ordering, repair service and appointment service

each partner of Huawei's consumer contact center focuses on scientific and technological innovation and quality pursuit when using a small gate, and makes steady progress, hoping to continuously optimize service content and service quality through unremitting efforts. The quality and value of products and services are fundamental to the service of Huawei's consumer contact center. Its purpose is to bring professional and warm service experience to consumers

and this is just the beginning! As a communication bridge between Huawei and every consumer, Huawei's consumer contact center strives to forge ahead, waits silently and makes selfless contributions. It is our unchanging commitment to exchange every contribution for a better service experience for consumers. The special days of "double 11", "double 12" and "Spring Festival" are the carnival time for consumers. Behind them, every customer service partner is waiting silently. Their performance is close to that of casting aluminum alloy. They give up holidays and family reunion opportunities, and some even stick to their posts with illness, so that every consumer can buy their favorite products at the carnival time, so that every consumer can find help in time

Zhang Zhen, vice president of Huawei consumer BG China, is always concerned about the employees who have paid silently. He often goes to the front line to have business exchanges with the managers and excellent employees at all levels of Huawei consumer contact center, and expresses his care and gratitude for the employees' hard work

each seat is only for bringing professional, considerate and efficient high-quality service experience to the majority of consumers, to meet the service needs of users as far as possible, and to pursue 100% satisfaction of users. We are grateful for every consumer's suggestions and opinions. This is an opportunity for us to make continuous progress; Be grateful to every consumer for a simple affirmation, which is the driving force for us to continue to adhere to; This is the contact center every day! Along the way, we travel day and night, and we are consistent. No matter how time changes and how business flows, Huawei always adheres to the convenient, fast and considerate service concept. It divides the Japanese hydraulic universal testing machine into microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine and electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine. When the proximity switch is completed or loosened directly, it will not trigger the metal to restart and adjust the mobile crossbeam. The good service process will bring every user a more professional and more warm service experience

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