Fire prevention points of the hottest drying equip

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Fire prevention points of drying equipment

generally, the working temperature of drying equipment is relatively high, and there are a large number of materials with some characteristics of mechanical action of dried ceramic materials, so a little attention may cause a fire. The fire prevention points of drying equipment are as follows:

1. The drying room shall be separated from the production workshop and other buildings by a firewall. The drying room should be equipped with good ventilation equipment. Electrical switches should be installed outdoors

2. The drying room should have fire prevention system and fire-fighting equipment. The drying room and drying equipment shall be managed by a specially assigned person. Fireworks and other open flames are strictly prohibited. It is not allowed to stack combustible materials. A demonstration insurance compensation mechanism for the utilization of new materials and products will be established

3. The drying equipment should be installed with thermometers, automatic temperature control instruments and alarms according to different conditions to strictly control the drying temperature of various materials

4. Several types of fixtures can be divided into wedge-shaped fixtures, pair clamps, winding fixtures, eccentric fixtures, lever fixtures, shoulder fixtures, bolt fixtures, 90 ° peel fixtures, etc. Although the structure of these fixtures has its own advantages and disadvantages, dry materials containing substances with low self ignition point and other harmful substances must be completely removed before drying

5. Check at any time during the drying process to prevent overheating and other abnormal conditions. After each drying, the wood shavings, sawdust, sawdust and other combustibles and other sundries left in the drying equipment should be cleaned up

6. During loading, combustible dry materials should be prevented from directly contacting the heat source. When using an electric oven to dry materials that can evaporate flammable gases, the electric furnace wire should be completely closed, and an explosion-proof door should be installed on the oven

7. When drying inflammable and explosive materials, steam experimental machine should be used. According to the transmission mode, steam heated vacuum drying oven is divided into mechanical type and oil pressure type. However, when the vacuum is removed after drying, the air can be put in only after the temperature decreases. When inflammable and explosive materials are dried with hot air with high flow rate, the equipment and motor for exhaust shall be explosion-proof

8. When using flue gas to directly heat combustible materials, explosion-proof sheets should be installed on the drum or dryer to prevent the flue gas from mixing with carbon monoxide and causing explosion. At the same time, it should be noted that the feeding should not be interrupted, and the drum should not stop rotating halfway. In case of abnormal conditions, the flue inlet should be closed immediately and nitrogen should be injected

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