Fire prevention of the hottest thermal power plant

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Fire prevention in thermal power plants

in thermal power plants, all the fuel used in oil fired power plants is fuel oil. Coal fired power plants also use fuel oil in the process of unstable combustion conditions and shutdown during unit startup and operation, and the amount of fuel oil is also large. Jire 3.1 accident, which shocked the national power system, was caused by the explosion and fire of the operating oil main pipe due to the lack of fuel pipe material, resulting in the serious deformation of the boiler steel structure after burning, the burning of the whole boiler and a large number of cables and instruments, the collapse of the control room, the death of 4 people and the injury of 2 people in the fire, and the direct economic loss of more than 10 million yuan according to the original value. It can be seen that it is of great importance to do a good job in the operation safety management of the fuel system and improve its operation reliability

take the path of green environmental protection

1 Do a good job in preventing oil system leakage and fire accidents

after a coal-fired or oil fired thermal power plant is completed and put into operation, the corresponding oil area will be delimited according to the relevant regulations As a special area, the oil area should have various regulations, rules and regulations and accident prevention measures to ensure the safe operation of equipment and systems in the oil area, which is also the most basic condition to ensure safe operation However, to ensure the safe operation of the oil system, more work must be done. According to years of practice, we believe that the following aspects should be done well

1.1 do a good job in the training of oil system duty personnel

To ensure the safe operation of the oil system, we must first have high-quality staff Through the on-the-job training of fuel system duty personnel Check the equipment and system Combined with the actual situation, do a good job in various accident prevention Once an accident occurs, it can be eliminated quickly

1.2 improve various monitoring and metering meters to make the state of the oil system under good monitoring

1.2.1 select a reasonable location and install temperature measuring points. Using temperature measuring points to monitor and control the oil temperature within a certain range can effectively control the occurrence of oil system fire accidents

the selection of temperature measuring points should be representative. According to the actual situation of the oil system, several more points can be selected for centralized monitoring. If the temperature at a certain place is found to be high or obviously abnormal, it should be checked immediately and measures should be taken to eliminate it according to the specific situation

1.2.2 install a total oil meter at the pump outlet and a sub meter at each boiler. Adopt such a fuel gauge configuration It is very useful for monitoring the operating conditions of the oil system, because the change of operating conditions of the oil system can quickly reflect the change of flow. If the total oil gauge in the oil pump room suddenly increases a lot, the cause should be found out immediately. Remove

after the oil system is equipped with the above meters, it will get twice the result with half the effort to prevent the leakage of the oil system and the occurrence of fire accidents

2. Create conditions and regularly carry out hydraulic test on oil system

it is a common method to use hydraulic test to check the tightness and strength of pressure bearing parts of boiler, but it is a regular hydraulic test for oil system in use It is our bold assumption

like the hydraulic test of the boiler, the hydraulic test of the fuel system is carried out to check its tightness and material strength The hydrostatic test pressure can be determined according to the normal working pressure of the fuel system Generally, it is 1.5 times of the working pressure, or a reasonable test pressure is formulated according to other information. As long as the hydraulic test of the fuel system is carried out regularly and the leakage is found and eliminated, the safe operation cycle of the fuel system can be fully guaranteed

the goal is to lead the development of Materials Science in the world-famous materials science research center and 1 of the sources of global new materials production. To do the hydraulic test of the fuel system, we need to do the following work:

① transform the fuel system: the fuel system of thermal power plants is relatively complex The test time conditions are not easy to meet. Generally, several boilers share an oil supply system. In order to carry out the hydraulic test of oil system, several boilers must be shut down at the same time Obviously, there are few such opportunities It can be divided into two boilers to share an oil removal system, so that it has the opportunity of simultaneous maintenance

② need to add a system: according to the needs of oil drainage and water filling of the oil system, add a container to hold fuel and water. In order to ensure the water for hydrostatic test, the volume of the container should be larger

⑧ test operation: after the 0.15 ~ 0.17 system is connected, once the test conditions are met, the hydraulic test of the fuel system can be carried out

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