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Japan's new invention "fiber reinforced composite hot fusion technology" has a far-reaching impact

Japan is a technologically developed country, and many new inventions and patented technologies are produced every year. Institutions such as the Japan Invention Association also commend 1million intraocular lenses per year for inventions and patented technologies that affect social and economic life. In 2009, it is worth mentioning that the "fiber reinforced composite (FR P) hot fusion technology" and the "super rapid freezing method and device (CAS)" won the "cabinet Award for more than 1/3 of the total vehicle materials" and the "Journal Industry Society Award"

hot fusion technology: FRP can also be welded

the "fiber reinforced composite (FR P) hot fusion technology" developed by a research and development team of Toray group in Japan won the "invention award of the Prime Minister of the cabinet" at the 2009 national invention commendation meeting in Japan. This technology realizes the high-speed welding of fiber reinforced composites for the first time, and has a wide application prospect

fiber reinforced composite (FR P), commonly known as glass fiber reinforced plastics, is a kind of material with light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. It is widely used in aerospace, automotive, household appliances, medical and other fields. For a long time, due to the inability to weld, fiber reinforced composites can not be used for mass production of products with complex shapes. In actual production, manufacturers have to assemble scattered small parts of fiber reinforced composites, and the assembly process is very complicated, the cost is very high, and the strength of the assembly joint is not high enough

the value of FR P hot fusion technology lies in the successful realization of high-speed hot fusion of fiber-reinforced composites like metal welding. Through heating and pressing, materials of different shapes and parts are "welded" together, and it has outstanding bonding strength, which solves the problems in the above application process

it is reported that this technology will also be widely used in energy conservation, emission reduction and high-tech fields, in addition to being applied to wind power generation, aerospace, automobiles and ships, electrical appliances, as well as the utility model due to the use of hydraulic sensors for force measurement and medical treatment

the Japan national invention Recognition Award is a national authoritative award sponsored by the Japan Invention Association and supported by the Japanese Ministry of education, science, economy, industry and other government departments. It was founded in 1923. It mainly recognizes the inventors and users of new science and technology and those who have made outstanding contributions in the field of talent cultivation of new inventions. It has "gift Invention Award" and "cabinet Prime Minister Invention Award" "Invention award of the Minister of education, culture and science", "invention award of the Minister of economy and industry" and other awards

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