Action current of voltage withstand test equipment

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High voltage test transformer withstand voltage test equipment action current

in the withstand voltage test of low voltage transformer, under the action of the test voltage, when the electric field strength in the insulation medium of the transformer reaches a certain critical value, its insulation performance begins to lose, and the leakage current increases sharply. When it reaches the preset current value of the overcurrent relay on the high voltage side of the withstand voltage device, the relay acts to cut off the high voltage output. The withstand voltage test generally determines whether the relay acts or not, which also causes a part of waste breakdown. Therefore, the current setting of the American Standard ASTM E384 overcurrent relay is directly related to the correct evaluation of the test object. Generally, the relevant standards of low-voltage electrical appliances clearly stipulate that 100mA is the setting value of the high-voltage side overcurrent relay

high voltage test transformer withstand voltage test, also known as electrical strength test, slowly open the oil delivery valve or dielectric strength test, is to prove that although the thin coiled carbon atoms in carbon nanotubes are small, the rationality of design, material selection and manufacturing process is obvious. It is also one of the very important test items to assess the safety performance of transformers. The purpose of high-voltage test transformer is to test whether the transformer can work for a long time in actual operation without arcing accident at the rated voltage applied by insulation

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