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The influence of printing industry vocational skills competition on professional development

the influence of printing industry vocational skills competition on professional construction. First, it can further promote teaching reform. The curriculum system and curriculum construction of higher vocational colleges is a key point of modern education and teaching reform. The diversified teaching mode emphasizes the learning efficiency, the dominant position of students' learning and the guiding role of teachers. Hold a printing vocational skills competition, take the comprehensive strength of students as the main evaluation standard, and measure the vocational ability by the completion of post tasks, so that the cultivation of vocational ability and the formation of comprehensive quality are more pragmatic and efficient, and then make a fundamental change in the concept of education and teaching. In order to carry out the printing vocational skills competition, in the student ability competition project, it is not enough to only rely on the classroom teaching materials to train the participating students. More new contents must be added, such as the latest printing operation technology, safety knowledge, environmental protection concept, psychological quality, etc. in order to meet the competition requirements and achieve good results. Therefore, we must consider the comprehensiveness of the courses, and we must use new processes, new standards, new technologies, new skills, etc. of enterprises to promote the construction of professional courses

secondly, promote the construction and investment of experimental training equipment, and provide a certain material guarantee for the professional construction of higher vocational colleges. Education and teaching reform needs a certain material foundation. For professional teaching, it needs corresponding teaching equipment as support. At present, the goal of talent training in higher vocational colleges is to cultivate high-quality and high-level skilled professionals. To cultivate such talents, certain professional training equipment is needed to strengthen students' practical skills. To carry out vocational skills competition, we need to constantly introduce and make full use of advanced training equipment, which is a necessary prerequisite for professional construction in higher vocational colleges

the impact of printing industry vocational skills competition on the construction of teaching staff

printing industry vocational skills competition has a significant role in promoting the construction and training of teaching staff. The printing industry vocational skills competition provides a platform for teachers to test teaching. When participating in the competition, teachers can broaden their knowledge, increase practical experience, inject more new knowledge, new skills and new vision into future teaching, and understand more professional information across regions; Professional teachers lead the team to participate in the competition, which is very obvious for the improvement of teachers' future education and teaching ability. The fierce project competition and competition results fully reflect the talent training quality and proficiency of professional core skills of various colleges and universities, and urge all vocational colleges to have their own professional leaders, backbone teachers, professional teachers, part-time teachers, especially high skilled experts in front-line positions in printing enterprises, Jointly form an education and teaching team. Therefore, the vocational skill competition can well promote the construction of a teaching team with dual teacher quality and a teaching team with full-time and part-time integration, and meet the needs of professional ability training

after two sessions of participating in and guiding the vocational skills competition in the printing industry, a group of skilled teaching backbones and excellent instructors have rapidly grown in our school-based major, and a competition Guidance Group has been established to analyze the main content of the skill competition, the technical trend and the basic requirements for the cultivation of skilled talents in vocational schools, capture the information guiding the teaching reform, and then convert it into teaching projects for promotion. At present, two teachers in this major have been admitted to the 2012 national competition in the printing industry, which has created beneficial conditions for the realization of small tonnage experimental machines, and the qualification certificate of judges has ensured the smooth development of the training work of this major

the impact of printing industry vocational skills competition on school enterprise cooperation

deepening school enterprise cooperation should identify whether it can be occupied by the rest of the order, and promote the construction of practical training base and practical teaching system. Our college has signed cooperative training agreements with 13 printing enterprises in Yiwu to hire technicians from enterprises to give lectures and tutors in the school, so as to increase teachers' and students' understanding of enterprise skill needs; Organize on-the-job employees of enterprises and school students to conduct school enterprise joint vocational skills competition, so that industry enterprises can better understand the ability and level of contemporary vocational school students, and absorb more students to relevant scarce positions for employment. In the 2010 silk skills competition, our college won the first prize and was recognized by many printing and related enterprises. At the same time, in the process of using human resources, employers pay more attention to the pursuit of contestants and award-winning school students, especially the demand for skilled talents in short supply. Many industries and enterprises actively contact our colleges and universities, propose cooperation intentions and implementation projects, and use the school's teaching resource platform to select excellent professional graduates. So as to establish a cooperative relationship, build a productive training base in the school, and provide a base for post practice outside the school

the impact of the printing industry vocational skills competition on students' professional entrepreneurship

the printing industry vocational skills competition not only provides a way to select skilled talents, but also drives the establishment of feedback signal bases in some regions where the displacement sensor must be disconnected for printing skills training, which has played a positive role in promoting the training and growth of printing skilled talents in China. Influenced by the entrepreneurship of Yiwu Business College Students, our printing technology students have also taken a gratifying step in entrepreneurship. The five award-winning students of the silk type of work in the 2010 national printing industry vocational skills competition are from the printing technology professional club of the electromechanical information branch of Yiwu University of technology and industry. Among them, Yu Jianlan won the first prize for his skillful inking technology practiced in the club. He used silk to print t-shirts during the summer vacation, and he could earn back the tuition for one year in one summer vacation

in 2012, in addition to printing and copying, the printing club also undertook the design and printing of posters, leaflets, business cards, etc., as well as the silk printing of personalized T-shirts and the digital printing of color changing cup printing patterns. The students of the club had a clearer understanding of the major of printing technology, which led to the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of students majoring in printing technology. In addition, some students use their spare time to fight their entrepreneurial dreams on the e-commerce platform

in recent years, with the healthy and rapid development of vocational education, more and more printing vocational colleges have realized the importance of vocational skills competition in promoting school enterprise cooperation, work study integration and teaching reform, so they have more actively participated in printing vocational skills competition. Facts have proved that through the competition, students' professional quality has been cultivated and their vocational skills have been improved, It has effectively promoted the improvement of their employability. Moreover, the vocational skills competition plays a role in testing and assessing the quality of talent training in Colleges and universities. Through the vocational skills competition, we can find the problems related to talent training, professional construction, curriculum and other aspects in vocational education, and promote the reform of vocational education. However, at present, the vocational skills competition content of junior college and undergraduate is the same, which does not highlight the importance of level teaching, and there is no unified standard for regional selection of students. This series of problems need to be further discussed and studied in detail

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