Influence of the hottest toner on toner cartridge

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The influence of toner on toner cartridge and printer

1. Poor quality toner, in a humid and temperature changing environment, will produce caking phenomenon if it is shelved for a little longer, which will damage the components of the toner cartridge during use, thus affecting the imaging quality and shortening the service life of the toner cartridge

2. The printer heats the carbon powder after cold deformation of the steel through the upper fusing roller, so that the carbon powder can be melted and pressed into the paper. For different printers, the heating temperature of the fusing roller will deviate. The carbon powder with a wide melting point range and the fusing of different printers may also enter the countdown roller with good matching performance, Good print quality is achieved on different printers

3. The printing quality of toner with narrow melting point range is unstable. When the melting point of toner is higher than the heating humidity of the fusing roller, the toner is not melted enough and cannot completely penetrate into the paper fiber, resulting in unstable image fusing; When the melting point of the toner is lower than the heating temperature of the fusing roller, the toner will soften excessively and stick to the fusing roller, contaminating the fusing roller and easily rubbing the printing paper

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