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Influence of paper raw materials and adhesives on adhesive strength

among the physical performance parameters of cartons, adhesive fastness is a key index, and its value has a great impact on the production of cartons and the pressure resistance of finished cartons. Many enterprises produce corrugated cartons. During the performance test, the adhesive strength often fails to reach the standard value of 6N/cm square, resulting in the disqualification of this batch of cartons; Sometimes it is sent to users, and users cannot stack it, causing economic losses. This paper discusses the influence of the quality characteristics of paper raw materials and adhesives on the adhesion fastness of cartons

produce cartons, mainly made of various kinds of paper. According to the gram weight, it is divided into box board paper and corrugated base paper. According to the origin, it is divided into imports to help customers in the fields of aerospace, automobile, transportation, energy, shipping, infrastructure construction and home life realize material weight reduction and enhancement. (5) loading instability, performance optimization, corrosion prevention and other functions and domestic products. According to the material, it can be divided into wood pulp paper, bamboo pulp paper, straw pulp paper, waste paper recycling, etc. At present, the adhesives used are mainly styrofoam alkali and corn starch adhesives. Corn starch adhesives can be divided into cold adhesives and hot adhesives. Corn starch can have many adhesives with different quality characteristics due to different formulas. The quality performance of paper raw materials and bonding can affect the bonding strength of cartons

under normal circumstances, the adhesive with high adhesion and good permeability makes the paper with high adhesion strength, on the contrary, it is poor. The paper board produced by hot glue has better adhesion fastness than that produced by cold glue, which is more obvious in winter. The paper board with corn starch as adhesive has higher adhesive fastness than that with foam alkali, especially in areas with high humidity or after storage for a period of time. The paperboard produced by wood pulp paper has better adhesion fastness than that produced by other materials

the influence of the quality characteristics of the paper on the bonding strength of the board is mainly in the moisture content of the paper and the structural characteristics of the surface layer and core layer of the board. During the test, it was found that the surface layer and core layer of some board and paper were layered due to the process or the fiber tension was small, resulting in the delamination of the board and the reduction of the bonding strength. When the moisture content of the paper is less than 14%, the paper absorbs glue quickly and penetrates well, and the adhesive strength of the produced paperboard is good. However, if the paper is too dry, it will absorb the moisture in the adhesive too quickly. The fluidity of the adhesive will inhibit the penetration of the adhesive, so that the adhesive cannot penetrate to a sufficient depth, but reduce the adhesive fastness of the paperboard; On the contrary, if the base paper is too wet, its moisture will prevent the fiber from absorbing the adhesive, resulting in too little adhesive, lamination of corrugated board adhesive, and poor bonding strength. In addition, the moisture content of the produced paperboard varies, which will warp the bonded paperboard, cause the rigid bonding part to open, and destroy the bonding strength of the paperboard; The surface of some paperboard bubbles and layers, which makes the bonding strength of the whole paperboard drop and bend. The paperboard with bubbles on the surface is difficult to print clear patterns on the printing slotting machine

the influence of the quality characteristics of paper raw materials on the adhesive strength of paperboard also reflects the requirements for the quality characteristics of adhesives. Papers with different characteristics should be used in combination with adhesives with corresponding characteristics. It was found in the test that the amount of corrugated and paperboard glue absorption, the width of glue application and the depth of glue penetration all affect the bond fastness of paperboard. Some imported wood pulp paper has tight fiber, low density, and good fluidity and permeability. Please reinstall the software wheel for friction of the produced paperboard, which has high bonding strength; For some domestic paper, the fiber structure is loose and the density is small, but the fiber tension is good, so the glue with good permeability should be selected; If the fiber tension is poor, the adhesive with good adhesion and permeability should be prepared to ensure the adsorption and adhesion of the adhesive and improve the bonding strength of the paperboard

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