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Adhesive formula for FRP

adhesive for FRP-1


component dosage/g

307# polyester resin (307#/styrene =6.5/3.5) 100

peroxide ring 1. Turn on the power supply of the main switch, turn on the source switch of the experimental motor, and check whether the operation of all parts of the machine is normal, Prepare for the experiment. Hexanone/dibutyl benzoate (1:1) 3.5

cobalt benzoate: styrene =1:9 3.5

prepare and cure the polyester resin in proportion. When using, add cyclohexanone peroxide, stir evenly, then add cobalt benzoate, stir evenly, and cure at room temperature for 24h

usage this adhesive is used in the molding industry of various FRP products. The financial market reform should be committed to relaxing the access of financial institutions, promoting the marketization of interest rates and establishing a multi-level capital market

FRP adhesive-2


component dosage/g component dosage/g

634 # epoxy resin 28 styrene 30

3193 polyester resin 32 benzoyl peroxide 2

phthalic anhydride 8

preparation and curing 634 #, 3193, phthalic anhydride are miscible, after cooling, styrene is added, and then the mixture of benzoyl peroxide and styrene is added. When using, xylidine is added according to 4 drops/kg glue

cure 80+100 ℃/2h+120 ℃/2h+100 ℃/1h+180 ℃/4h. Temperature rise 20 ℃/30min

the glue content of FRP made for use is 50.8%. This adhesive is used in the manufacture of FRP

source: 21st century fine chemicals

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