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Bigtera launched a new generation of hyper converged infrastructure platform to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises

recently, bigtera released a new generation of hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) platform - virtualstor converterone 1.0, which combines software defined storage and virtualization technology. It integrates the three IT infrastructures of computing, storage and network, and carries out configuration management on a unified management platform, which not only reduces the overall cost, but also makes the use of resources more flexible, It is easier to operate and provides enterprises with an infrastructure platform that can immediately deploy, go online and execute applications

virtualstor converterone carries the virtualization function required to run various enterprise applications, which is suitable for enterprises to run various service applications or as the infrastructure for building private clouds, as well as carrying applications, as the overall software and hardware solution of ISV (independent development software developer). The biggest advantage is that it integrates the most critical computing and storage resources in the data center, provides a unified management platform that can easily manage and configure computing and storage resources, and can present the current resource usage and health status in the cluster in a single web interface management platform

virtualstor converterone architecture diagram

virtualstor converterone also has the horizontally extended shared storage function of software defined storage, and integrates all disks of the server cluster into a virtual storage pool. When new nodes are added, in addition to increasing storage capacity and efficiency, it also increases computing resources. It can also expand the computing resources, storage space and performance separately to meet various expansion requirements. Therefore, it has high scalability and can be built on a small scale at the initial stage, reducing the obstacles encountered by users in the digital transformation

in the tide of global digital transformation, how to quickly and flexibly configure and manage data center resources is the key point for enterprises and ISVs in building business systems and software developers in promoting their solutions. The virtualstor convert launched by bigtera this time, such as the excellent high and low temperature resistance, excellent friction resistance, abrasion resistance and low creep resistance erone super fusion infrastructure platform, aims to build a new generation of operation platform for both, which can immediately deploy AI or other applications, a highly available and horizontally scalable super fusion cluster, simplify the construction and management of infrastructure, and enable enterprises and ISVs to focus on the development of core businesses, Realize innovation quickly without worrying about the complex construction and management of infrastructure

virtualstor converterone features and functions include:

software definition infrastructure, simple deployment and management

virtual machine resource lifecycle management, replication, backup, migration, snapshot, reply, etc.

cluster high availability (HA), ensuring virtual machine services, storage services, and business continuity

built-in horizontally scalable storage resources manual hydraulic pressure shows that it is an open-loop control source pool, It can provide virtual machines and even external applications. It uses a single page management interface, which is easy to monitor and manage the configuration.

rest API interface, which meets the needs of Devops and maintenance automation.

Goldilocks PP LGF products have excellent mechanical properties.

role based permission management, Suitable for enterprise internal permission control

about bigtera

bigtera is the industry leader in software defined storage platforms and solutions. B trapezoidal screw igtera has almost unlimited horizontal expansion capacity, which not only linearly improves the performance of the entire storage cluster while expanding the storage capacity, but also provides customers with the ability to gradually expand the basic settings according to business growth. Bigtera's mission is to introduce enterprise infrastructure into the free world defined by software. And is committed to helping enterprises build? A more free software defined storage infrastructure helps enterprises smoothly and seamlessly transition from the existing IT infrastructure to the software defined storage infrastructure through disruptive innovative technologies

source: Beijing dachaojicun Information Technology Co., Ltd

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