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With the continuous integration of mobile Internet technology and traditional printing technology, variable data printing with QR code as the carrier has brought a new turn for the traditional label printing industry with the help of flexible, efficient, high adaptability and low-cost inkjet technology

the variable data market is also a big stage for digital printing performances. It is very gratifying that in the past two years, the rapid rise of the variable data market, especially the blowout of QR code, has brought very good development opportunities for digital printing

at present, QR code has gradually replaced the one-dimensional code on product packaging and labels, and its function is also expanding from the traditional anti-counterfeiting demand to the marketing function based on IOT and big data, resulting in a surge in demand

QR codes for marketing applications have begun to appear in a large number of fields such as daily chemicals, food, beverages, tobacco and alcohol. Taking the domestic beverage industry as an example, it is estimated that the annual output will exceed 150 million tons, of which nearly half will be bottled water, with about 150 billion bottled water labels. Take Evergrande ice spring as an example. In 2014, Evergrande ice spring launched a crazy large-scale marketing campaign of "one bottle, one code, and one code". Every (4) interface on the plug-in controller must turn off the controller power. The label of Evergrande ice spring bottle will be printed with a unique two-dimensional code. Consumers can link to the query system by scanning the two-dimensional code, AVIC Shangda is making every effort to build two national bases for strategic rare and precious metal recycling and scientific and technological innovation, so that product traceability and anti-counterfeiting verification can be carried out. Only Evergrande Bingquan's coding demand can reach 10billion pieces every year

due to the defects of printing equipment, printing plate, ink, human operation, etc., there will be deviations in the printing of QR code. It is precisely because the QR code may have poor quality in the printing process, so the QR code should be tested in advance before use, otherwise the QR code cannot be read, which will affect customers' trust in the product

here, take the two-dimensional code printing of newspaper printing factory as an example to discuss some problems that need to be paid attention to in the actual production of two-dimensional code printing

color contrast and registration

QR code can be monochrome black or multi-color overprint. The main factors affecting the printing quality of QR code are color contrast and overprint error

1. Color contrast

insufficient color contrast of newspaper QR code will affect the recognition of QR code by software. Requirements for the optical characteristics of bar code printed symbols: in order to read reliably, there should be obvious contrast between the line and the space in the bar code after printing, and the reflectivity of the space should be as large as possible, while the reflectivity of the line should be as small as possible. According to the national standard, the whiteness of domestic paper is more than 50%, and normal printing can meet the recognition requirements of two-dimensional code. However, it should be noted that when making QR codes in newspapers, it should be reminded not to add shading to prevent insufficient contrast from affecting reading

2. Overprint error

mainly refers to color QR code. The QR code must be neat and clear when printing. Generally, we stipulate that the maximum value of overprint error (overprint error of main tone and picture) should be less than or equal to 0.4 times the nominal width of the narrowest bar code

according to the national standard, the overprint error of newspapers is required to be less than or equal to 0.3mm. In fact, some newspapers with advanced printing equipment and high quality requirements above the provincial level can fully meet the standard in this regard due to lack of experience and lack of access to relevant information. For some local newspapers with unstable overprint, it is recommended to use monochrome printing for QR code, so that there is no overprint problem

some elements are lost in printing

when printing, pay attention not to lose elements on the printing plate, so as not to make it difficult to read the QR code. In printing, due to the reasons of printing plate or blanket, it is easy to cause the defect of printing pattern. For the slightly fragmented pattern such as QR code, special attention should be paid when prepress system is on the road of breaking the law and later inspection

printing ink problem

to control the dimensional error of QR code symbols, the key in printing is to control the ink color and printing pressure to ensure the accurate restoration of QR code stripes. Under normal conditions, we should ensure that the water is small and the ink is small when discharging ink, and ensure the necessary ink layer thickness. No fringes caused by low pressure or insufficient ink color; There is no fringe diffusion caused by high pressure or large ink

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