The hottest market demand was flat, and ethylene f

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Market demand was flat, ethylene fell sharply

overnight, the crude oil market was driven by the sharp rise in natural gas prices, and the closing price of crude oil futures in New York rose sharply by $1.05 to close at $87.73 a barrel, an increase of 1.2%

due to the abundant supply of ethylene in the spot market, but the downstream demand was flat, the Asian ethylene market closed down sharply. CFR Northeast Asia market closed 1198 5 dollars/ton, down 31 dollars/ton; CFR Southeast Asia pick-up → hang-up market closed at 1203.5 - traders' spot resources were tight at $1205.5/ton, down $26. 6. Be sure to connect the grounding wire/ton before starting

the Asian styrene market both ended lower, with FOB Korea closing at USD/ton, down 6 USD/ton from the previous trading day, and CFR China closing at USD/ton, down 8 USD/ton from the previous trading day

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