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The market has not improved yet, and panel factories have begun to adjust their capacity utilization ratio

the global economic boom has not improved, and the annual LCD TV shipments may face the dilemma of downward repair again. Due to weak market demand, but the capacity utilization ratio of panel factories remains high-end, which means that there may be a risk of rising inventory in the future, but it is difficult for panel factories to judge the market visibility of the third quarter, Therefore, although the current capacity utilization rate is adjusted according to the performance and requirements of non-metallic materials, it is still maintained at high-end

according to WitsView's observation, from the second quarter to the second quarter of this year, the change of power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage. In the capacity planning of major panel factories in the third quarter, such as hydraulic components, servo Electromechanical, reducer, etc., the capacity utilization rate of Taiwan factory remains high-end. After Youda (2409) achieved a new 92% high recently from Nankai University in May, it was slightly revised to 88% in June, and it is expected to remain at 90~92% in the third quarter, The capacity utilization rate of qunchuang (3481) remained at a high of 94% in May and was also reduced to 92% in June. It is expected to remain at about 92% after the third quarter

as for Korean factory, it is more conservative. The capacity utilization rate of LG display was about 83% in May, slightly increased to 84% in June, and increased to 85~90% after the third quarter. Samsung showed that the capacity interest rate remained at 81% in May, and is expected to rise to 89% in June, and remained above 90% in the third quarter

witsview said that under the current situation of reduced customer demand, the capacity utilization rate of the panel factory remains high-grade, which means that the risk of rising inventory is expanding, and the possibility of downward adjustment of capacity utilization rate in the third quarter still exists

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