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Market factors determine the development direction of packaging machinery

food and beverage industry packaging is the largest market for packaging machinery and equipment industry in the process of work. The production of beverage industry is mainly the whole growth line, and the degree of automation is high. At present, the per capita consumption of beverages in China is 10% higher than that in foreign countries, so the market space of packaging machinery is also large. In addition, China has a large population. If we can open the rural market again, The demand for equipment will be considerable

packaging machinery is also widely used in the daily chemical industry. Its packaging is similar to the pharmaceutical industry, but the production equipment required is small in size and high in price. At present, many equipment for pharmaceutical daily use can be shared. For example, the hose sealing machine of Chengdu Xinghuo Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. can not only fill medical supplies, such as dermatitis flat and cream drugs, but also be used in daily use chemical industry, such as shampoo, facial cleanser, facial cleanser and many other cosmetic products. With the development of daily use chemical, pharmaceutical, beverage and food industry, the demand for packaging machinery in China will continue to increase, There will be a big leap in market space

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