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Join hands with Bill Gates to introduce Shenhua Group and China nuclear power to promote the landing of the world's first four generation nuclear power plant

cooperate with Shenhua Group, the world's largest coal enterprise, to establish a nuclear power company, and join hands with Bill Gates, the world's richest man. China's nuclear power has a clear determination to seize the highland of four generation nuclear power technology

on September 12, China Nuclear Power announced that it plans to set up joint ventures in Tianjin and Cangzhou, Hebei to operate four generations of nuclear power technology research and development and demonstration projects respectively

relevant people close to China Nuclear Power told the daily economy that the share ratio of the two joint ventures is the result of several rounds of negotiations between the parties. Introducing multiple shareholders can use multiple funds, scientific research, personnel and other forces to jointly promote the implementation of the project

Shenhua Group is involved in nuclear power for the first time

China Nuclear Power announced that it plans to jointly invest with related parties Huadian Fuxin, zheneng power and other investors Shenhua Group and China Construction Investment energy to establish CNNC Hebei Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. The registered capital of the company is 1billion yuan, with China's nuclear power accounting for 35%, Shenhua Group, Huadian Fuxin, zheneng power and construction investment energy accounting for 30%, 15%, 10% and 10% respectively. The registered address of the company is Cangzhou City, Hebei Province

it is noted that Shenhua Group, which has just been restructured and integrated with Guodian group, is the first time to be disclosed to participate in nuclear power projects, and holds 30% of shares in both companies, second only to 35% of China nuclear power

at the same time, CNNC technology investment, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNNC, and the above four companies also invested in the establishment of CNNC traveling wave reactor technology investment (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. in Tianjin at the same proportion, with a registered capital of 750million yuan

the two companies are responsible for investing in R & D and construction of traveling wave reactor technology and projects. CNNC officials said that traveling wave reactor is a metal fuel sodium cooled fast reactor that meets the technical requirements and safety standards of the fourth generation of nuclear energy. It uses uranium zirconium alloy fuel, has a long refueling cycle, and can use a large amount of depleted uranium. The design value of unit availability is higher than 90%. It has the advantages of efficient utilization of uranium resources and reducing the discharge of spent fuel

at the same time, in terms of the composition of the board of directors of the two new companies, China nuclear power and Shenhua Group account for the majority. The board of directors is composed of 9 directors. Among them, the Chinese Nuclear Power Party recommends the election of three, Shenhua Group two, and the other three companies each have one, and the employees democratically elect one employee director. China Nuclear Power announced that the establishment of the new company is in line with the national strategy of coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. The fixture itself also needs to have high temperature resistance, which helps to support the landing and development of advanced traveling wave reactor technology

a person familiar with the matter told the daily economy that the establishment of the new company has attracted many enterprises. The share ratio of the two joint ventures is the result of several rounds of negotiations between the parties. Shenhua Group and other four companies to improve patient compliance belong to well-known enterprises. Huadian and other companies have participated in China's nuclear power projects, and Shenhua Group is the first to participate in China's nuclear power projects

it is worth mentioning that Shenhua Group's interest in nuclear power business has long been revealed, but it has not yet obtained a license. This participation is of great significance to it. According to the report of securities in July 2016, citing relevant sources close to Shenhua, Shenhua unanimously coveted to enter the field of nuclear energy. At the end of last year (the end of 2015), Microsoft founder Bill Gates visited Shenhua to discuss cooperation in nuclear energy

it is worth noting that under the leadership of the government, China's nuclear power has been in a market pattern in which CGNPC and CNNC can ensure the common development of 90% of qualified products. China Nuclear Power announced that it is only a matter of time before the nuclear power industry can be controlled and conditionally gradually liberalized in the future. From the 13th five year plan, China's nuclear power investors will gradually develop into a diversified pattern from China nuclear power and China nuclear industry group

it has been nearly two years since the negotiation with Bill Gates

it is worth noting that the joint venture established in Tianjin will jointly invest and develop the fourth generation nuclear power technology traveling wave reactor technology with the American Tera energy company founded by Bill Gates, so as to promote the commercialization of the fourth generation nuclear power technology

China nuclear power and Tera energy, with Bill Gates as the chairman, have been negotiating for a long time on the cooperative development of four generations of nuclear power technology

according to the announcement of China nuclear power, the investment company established in Tianjin is to jointly invest in the development of traveling wave reactor technology with American Tera energy company (hereinafter referred to as Tera energy), promote the research and development of the fourth generation nuclear power technology traveling wave reactor technology, promote the implementation and future promotion and application of traveling wave reactor series products, and promote the commercialization of the fourth generation nuclear power technology

in fact, China nuclear power has a long history of cooperation with Bill Gates. Its controlling shareholder, China Nuclear Power Group, began to cooperate with Bill Gates as early as 2015. CNNC officials showed that on September 22nd, 2015 local time, at the Sino US provincial and state cooperation seminar held in Seattle, CNNC and Thala energy signed a traveling wave reactor cooperation document

the world's first traveling wave reactor demonstration power plant is accelerating, and traveling waves are gradually approaching. According to an article released by the members of the traveling wave reactor project team of CNNC group to the officials of CNNC group, on March 23, 2017, Wang Shoujun, chairman of CNNC group, met with Bill Gates to determine the direction and principles of in-depth cooperation. The two sides are carrying out in-depth cooperation based on the multi-functional miniaturization design and project implementation plan in accordance with the formulated technology development and project construction roadmap

according to the above-mentioned insiders, in terms of cooperation with Tera energy, which marks the new upgrading stage of the cr929 aircraft composite fuselage research project, it is currently China Nuclear Power Group, the controlling shareholder of China nuclear power, who has direct contact with it, and there is no relevant information that can be disclosed at the level of listed companies

it is worth noting that China Nuclear Power's Haixing nuclear power project in Cangzhou, Hebei Province is in the preparatory stage. Since last year, the state has not approved new nuclear power projects. Haixing nuclear power project, as one of the sites waiting for approval of China's nuclear power, is still in the preparatory stage and has not yet started

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