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The market of soft packaging with mouth

soft packaging bags with mouth were born in Japan and Germany in the middle and late 1980s. With the development of self-supporting bag making technology and equipment, and the development of automatic mouth sealing machine technology and equipment, the packaging was rapidly promoted all over the world in the late 1990s. In addition to the advantages of bottle and barrel packaging that can be easily opened and sealed for many times, the mouth soft packaging has the advantages of less consumption of packaging materials, high printing quality, packaging storage, low transportation cost and small waste disposal capacity. It is known as "environmental protection packaging". According to statistics, compared with the same volumetric flasks and barrels, the consumption of raw materials of flexible packaging with mouths has decreased by more than 30%, the storage and transportation costs of packaging materials different from traditional suspension racks have decreased by more than 60%, and the garbage disposal capacity has decreased by more than 5 times. These irreplaceable advantages determine that flexible packaging with mouths has great development prospects

current situation of foreign soft packaging technology

entering the middle and late 1990s, soft packaging with mouth has been widely used in developed regions such as Europe, America and Japan. At present, it has been widely used in the packaging of drinking water, fruit juice drinks, wine, absorbable jelly, condiments, edible oil, washing products, daily cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, ink and other products. According to relevant Japanese statistics, in the four years from 1998 to 2001, the average annual growth of soft packaging with mouth in the Japanese market exceeded 40%. Only the demand for long mouth bags reached 575million in 2001. After the implementation of garbage treatment fee by volume in Taiwan, the development of soft packaging with mouth has been greatly promoted. Except for aerated drinks, all kinds of liquids are used with mouth bags. At present, packaging machinery companies in Germany, Japan, Italy and other countries can provide complete sets of equipment such as self-supporting bag making machines, automatic mouth sealing machines, and automatic mouth filling machines for soft packaging bags

the key equipment for manufacturing soft packaging bags with mouth is automatic mouth sealing machine. Japan iwaki Co., Ltd., totalI, Germany Hansen and other companies have vertical and oblique automatic nozzle sealing machines with a high degree of automation, of which the maximum nozzle sealing speed reaches 70 pieces/minute. The maximum size of inclined mouth bag with mouth is 250 × 380mm。 The products of the above companies adopt the manufacturing process of automatic nozzle feeding, automatic bagging, more than three times of heat sealing, cold sealing, and inspection of sealing quality, which can ensure the sealing quality and health standards of the products. Due to the continuous progress of the equipment manufacturing industry in automatic mouth sealing machine and automatic filling machine, the application scope and application quantity of mouth soft packaging bags in the international market are constantly developing

current situation of domestic soft packaging technology with mouth

China began to introduce soft packaging with mouth in the late 1990s. The most influential product is CICI absorbable jelly of Guangdong Xizhilang company. Because Xizhilang used soft packaging with a long mouth, it was beautifully printed and easy to use, and soon became popular all over the country. At present, there are more than ten brands of absorbable jelly in supermarkets, such as Xizhilang, dailybao, Jinwa, Panpan, Qinqin, all of which adopt the same form of soft packaging with mouth. In addition, short mouth soft packaging has also entered the market since 2000. The products already on the market include fruit juice drinks, detergents, clothing softeners, hand sanitizers, chicken powder, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, pepper powder and so on. These colorful packages adapted to the modern sales trend of supermarket sales and were soon accepted by the majority of users. It is estimated that the market capacity of flexible packaging with mouth in China has reached about 250million in 2001

China's packaging machinery industry has also closely followed the trend of the promotion of soft packaging with mouths. Many bag making enterprises have launched self-supporting bag making machines, and their main performance and indicators have been close to the international level. However, in recent years, the development of automatic mouth sealing machines in China is slow. Many soft packaging manufacturers and food enterprises use simple manual sealing machines to add plastic mouths. Because the simple sealing machine can only heat seal at one time, and the mouth is completely completed by hand, it is difficult to ensure the sealing strength of the mouth bag sealing part, and hand contact with the suction nozzle can not meet the requirements of food hygiene

In 2001, the ncal601-30 automatic nozzle sealing machine for flexible packaging bags developed by Zhongshan XINHONGYE Automation Industry Co., Ltd. in Guangdong passed the quality inspection of China packaging product quality supervision and Inspection Center (Guangzhou), and then passed the technical achievement appraisal of China Packaging Corporation soon. The appraisal shows that the main performance and indexes of the machine have reached the international advanced level. The vibrating plate of the machine automatically puts on the mouth, automatically puts on the bag, sets the bag, 4 times of heat sealing and cold sealing, automatically detects the sealing quality, and the product automatically puts on the packaging slot and automatically changes the slot, realizing the full automation of the nozzle filling process. The machine was successfully developed, and more than ten sets were sold in China that year, and two sets were exported. In 2001, the machine was also supported by the small and medium-sized enterprise innovation fund of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, which also highlighted the performance of the battery diaphragm. At present, the company has three forms of automatic mouth sealing machine products: vertical long mouth, vertical short mouth and oblique short mouth, which will greatly improve the manufacturing level of soft packaging bags with mouths in China. The filling machine with mouth soft packaging bags is still relatively backward in China. Although there are manufacturers in Shanghai and Shantou, it has a low degree of automation and slow speed, which lags far behind the foreign level. At present, there is an urgent need for manufacturers to invest in the development of a variety of liquid, powder and particle filling machines with high automation and efficiency

the development prospect of flexible packaging with mouth in China

with the progress of flexible packaging equipment industry with mouth, China will narrow the gap with foreign advanced technology, and flexible packaging with mouth will develop at a faster speed. In addition to the widely used absorbable jelly, fruit juice drinks and tea drinks are very suitable for long mouth soft packaging. In addition, washing products are likely to become products with a large number of inclined mouth short mouth soft packaging, which has been mostly used in washing liquid and softener in Japan and South Korea. If large three-dimensional bags with handles are made by bag making, many products such as washing powder, automobile, motorcycle engine oil, edible oil and so on may be gradually transferred to this kind of packaging. The sales of Baijiu in northern cold areas in winter are large. If the soft package with a long mouth is made into a 200-300ml package, it is convenient for people working in the field to warm Baijiu with body temperature or hot water, which is convenient for use. At present, the advertising industry is developing rapidly. If we make full use of the advantages of convenient printing and good printing quality of flexible packaging, printing advertisements for customers on soft water bags will reduce the actual cost of flexible packaging, so drinking water plants are also interested in using such packaging in large quantities. In addition, famous scenic spots, football fields and other special places are more suitable for using this kind of soft packaging

as the advantages of soft packaging with mouth are understood by more consumers, and as the social awareness of environmental protection continues to strengthen, using soft packaging with mouth instead of bottles and barrels, and using soft packaging with mouth instead of traditional soft packaging that can no longer be sealed, is bound to become a trend

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