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Bijie City expands and strengthens the coal machinery and equipment industry by attracting investment

in the afternoon of April 13, with the conclusion of the coal machinery product order signing ceremony, the two-day China (Bijie pilot zone) first small and medium-sized coal machinery trading Expo was also completed, which was a long process

in the afternoon of April 13, with the conclusion of the signing ceremony for ordering coal machinery products, the two-day first China (Bijie pilot zone) small and medium-sized coal machinery trade expo also came to a successful conclusion

the Expo invited more than 200 coal machinery enterprises inside and outside the province to participate in the exhibition, displaying more than 3000 kinds of coal mining equipment. It is the largest professional trade expo held in Bijie City at present

this Expo will focus on signing 8 projects, with 4.018 billion funds to be invested in Bijie coal machinery equipment manufacturing industry. The Expo also reached a product transaction and order agreement of 5.888 billion yuan, realizing a win-win situation between coal mining enterprises and participating coal machinery enterprises

this is another successful performance of the government and the enterprise

this is another benign interaction between the supply and demand sides of the market

this is another exploration of regional scientific development and transformation

Bijie handed over the "heavy responsibility" of the city's largest professional trade fair to the "coal machinery" section, which once again shows the urgent need for Bijie to promote the overall acceleration of new industrialization

take "coal" as the medium for benign interaction

"we just received this news yesterday and drove directly from Liupanshui early in the morning. We don't know whether our vehicle can enter."

two hours before the opening ceremony of the Expo, the staff of the Expo reception group received a request from a coal enterprise in Liupanshui, hoping to get a "vehicle pass" to enter the Expo site

the staff told that they were neither on the list of invitation plans nor among the participating enterprises, so many coal and coal machinery enterprises called "temporarily" to visit the site, which was far beyond the initial estimate of the organizing committee

At the Expo, Liu Jianfeng, general manager of Guizhou high tech mining equipment Co., Ltd., came to the scene early and talked with a number of coal machinery enterprises and coal mining enterprises

"understand industry trends, look for development opportunities, and win market share." Liu Jianfeng regarded the Expo as a rare opportunity for "face-to-face" exchanges between the supply and demand sides

Bian liming, vice president of Joy Global International Coal Machinery Co., Ltd., also came from afar. On the surface, he participated in the Expo to enhance exchanges and interactions with peers, but in fact, he took the opportunity to make field visits

"the company has the intention to invest in Guizhou in the next step. We have done relevant investment surveys before coming, but seeing is better than hearing. With the help of the Expo, we will have more confidence in investment." Bian Liming said

just as the theme of this Expo - "display innovative achievements and achieve win-win development", at the Expo, many equipment manufacturing enterprises from inside and outside the province used physical objects, models, pictures and other means, using high-tech means such as sound, light, electricity and multimedia, on the one hand, they displayed new products and technologies of small and medium-sized coal machinery industry, on the other hand, excavators, shearers, scraper conveyors Hydraulic supports and other mining equipment suitable for Bijie coal mining enterprises and their supporting equipment were also brought to the scene

at the coal machinery products trade and order fair, including Joy Global? Many coal machinery enterprises including international coal machinery group and Sany Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. have signed order agreements with coal mining enterprises, resulting in a product trading volume of 5.888 billion yuan

give full play to advantages and seek development

according to the national "12th Five Year Plan for coal development", it is estimated that by 2015, the coal production capacity will reach 4.1 billion tons/year, and the degree of coal mining mechanization in China will reach more than 75%

at the Expo site, Zhang Yong, chairman of China Coal Machinery Industry Association, told that this would promote the comprehensive mechanization level of coal mining to further improve, the market demand for coal machinery would maintain a rapid growth, and the domestic coal machinery industry would have a broad market space

"based on coal, extending coal and surpassing coal - Bijie accelerates the transformation and has a clear mind of scientific development." Zhang Yong, chairman of China Coal Machinery Industry Association, believes that positioning the Expo on "small and medium-sized coal machinery" further reflects Bijie's rational thinking on developing new industries. Small and medium-sized coal mining machines are also oriented to small and medium-sized coal mines, which is an important guide for Bijie to take a differentiated strategic development route in combination with local mining conditions, prevent low-level repeated construction, and improve the mining level of small and medium-sized coal mines. To ensure the safe production of small and medium-sized coal mines, mechanization and automation is the way out, and it is also one of the key directions for the development of coal machinery equipment manufacturing industry

"this will be a negotiation party to express our feelings, show our image and expand exchanges. It will also be an investment event to strengthen cooperation, achieve win-win results and seek development." In explaining the significance of the Expo, hujihong, member of the Standing Committee of Bijie municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, highlighted the level of "seeking development"

"the resources and regional characteristics of Bijie call for the development of small and medium-sized coal machines." Hu Jihong said that with the merger and reorganization of coal mines in Bijie City, the increase of production capacity, the improvement of mechanization, the improvement of safety production level, and the renewal and maintenance of stock equipment, there is a large market demand for small and medium-sized coal machines. It is conservatively predicted that by 2015, the demand output value of small and medium-sized coal machinery products and supporting industrial products in Bijie City alone will reach more than 10billion yuan

Hu Jihong believes that the purpose of holding the small and medium-sized coal machinery trade expo is to focus on the development idea of Bijie's new industrialization road of "focusing on coal, extending coal, and surpassing coal", give full play to Bijie's advantages in resources, markets, consumption, and policies, and strive to build a national information exchange platform for coal machinery products, an innovation driven platform for coal machinery industry suitable for coal seam conditions in Southwest China, a platform for improving the comprehensive mining and safety production capacity of coal mines Bijie pilot zone is transferred to the manufacturing industry development platform to provide efficient and convenient services for coal mining production enterprises, coal machinery manufacturing enterprises and coal machinery distribution enterprises to strengthen cooperation and exchange and achieve win-win development, and spare no effort to promote the development and growth of China's small and medium-sized coal machinery manufacturing industry at full speed

in order to cultivate the small and medium-sized coal machinery equipment manufacturing industry into a new pillar industry, the people's Government of Bijie City issued the "implementation opinions of the people's Government of Bijie City on accelerating the development of small and medium-sized coal machinery equipment manufacturing industry", which clearly defined the real incentives and support measures

"as long as any entrepreneur seeks development and chooses Bijie, he will have the best preferential policies in the national pilot zone and the best new starting point for expanding the market." Hu Jihong said

relying on projects to achieve industrial boost

in recent years, Bijie City has made full use of the advantages of rich local coal resources and large demand for coal mining machinery and equipment. Through the form of investment attraction, it has introduced excellent and strong enterprises at home and abroad, settled in the economic development zone, and gradually expanded and strengthened the coal machinery and equipment industry

in Bijie Economic Development Zone, Linzhou Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. invested 2billion yuan to build coal machinery equipment production projects, and Jinding Coal Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. invested 300million yuan to build coal mining machinery production projects

Nayong County, Shanxi Hongxi Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. invested 360million yuan to prepare for the construction of mining machinery and equipment manufacturing projects

in Hezhang County, Shanxi Laili technology company invested 120million yuan to build a mining machinery production project


at this Expo, eight investment promotion projects around coal machinery equipment manufacturing were signed and settled one after another. Bijie took coal machinery equipment manufacturing industry as one of the breakthrough points, and the pace of accelerating the transformation of coal industry became more and more firm

coal machinery industry is a key industry for the development of manufacturing industry in Guizhou Province after the completion of measurement work. It has the characteristics of long industrial chain, strong driving effect and fast product renewal. The development of coal machinery industry is the need of Guizhou's "strong industrial province" strategy

"based on coal resources and extending to the upstream and downstream of the industry, Bijie has complete advantages to jointly build a win-win pattern of enterprise wealth and local development."

Ding ya, assistant director of the provincial Commission of economy and information technology and director of the equipment industry department, said that as long as Bijie City plans scientifically, gives full play to its advantages, relies on coal resources, introduces excellent and strong enterprises to develop the coal machinery industry, improves the innovation driven development ability, promotes the development of coal machinery in the direction of intelligence and automation, continuously improves the safety and reliability of products, and promotes the development of equipment manufacturing industry with the coal machinery industry, It can help Bijie City and even the province's industrial economy to adjust the passive needle compression spring screw exhibition

[development trends of coal machinery industry]

Zhijin: take multiple measures to promote the construction of coal deep processing projects

on April 12, it was learned from the industry, economy and Trade Bureau of Zhijin County that the county vigorously implemented the strategy of strengthening the county through industry and the urbanization drive strategy, and comprehensively promoted the construction of key industrial projects, especially large-scale backbone projects such as coal chemical industry, phosphorus coal chemical industry and thermal power plants, achieved new breakthroughs and made substantial progress

Zhijin County will open the work situation as soon as possible by strengthening the coordination and cooperation with the project unit, and strive to start the construction of the project as soon as possible. The existing coal washing projects are planned to be technically upgraded, and advanced washing equipment and processes are adopted to improve the quality and quantity of coal. The washing scale will reach more than 6million tons/year

in order to give better play to the advantages of coal resources, Zhijin County has prepared the overall plan of Zhijin mining area. According to the distribution and reserves of coal resources, the development of the mining area is divided into 19 minefields. 12 large and medium-sized mines have been planned to be built, with a design capacity of 21.6 million tons/year

develop the construction of coal industry, set up a coal production and construction scheduling command center in Zhijin County, strengthen the coordination and scheduling of coal production in the whole county, timely identify problems, coordinate and solve them, and ensure the completion of coal production tasks; According to the current situation and actual situation of the coal mine, seriously formulate the reward and punishment measures for coal production, implement the objectives, and sign the coal production objective book with the coal mine; Increase the investment in mechanized gas extraction equipment in coal mines to ensure the increase of coal output

Jinsha: build the largest coal machinery equipment manufacturing and production base in Southwest China

Jinsha County has vigorously promoted the construction of coal machinery manufacturing industrial park in recent years, actively introduced coal machinery manufacturing enterprises inside and outside the province to settle in the park to set up production projects, formed a coal mine equipment industry cluster, and made efforts to build Jinsha into an important coal machinery equipment production and manufacturing base in Southwest China

the Jinsha County Party committee and government, in combination with the fact that the local coal resources are rich and there are many coal mines, but the machinery and equipment used in coal mine production are all from the actual situation of purchasing the products produced by coal machinery enterprises in other provinces and cities. On the basis of multi-party research, in the process of the construction and development of Jinsha County Industrial Park, they plan the coal mine equipment manufacturing industrial park, gradually improve the park roads, hydropower and other infrastructure, and coordinate and communicate with enterprises inside and outside the province through investment attraction, Shanxi Fansheng Coal Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lelong pump valve Co., Ltd., Guizhou Langyue mining group, Guizhou high tech mining equipment Co., Ltd. and other excellent and strong enterprises of coal machinery manufacturing inside and outside the province have been successfully introduced to the park to set up an equipment manufacturing industry focusing on coal mine production machinery manufacturing, and gradually form a coal machinery manufacturing industrial cluster

at present, among the large-scale coal machinery equipment manufacturing enterprises settled in Jinsha County equipment manufacturing industrial park, Guizhou Langyue group coal mining machinery manufacturing company has invested 350million yuan to produce modern high-tech coal mining supporting products, and Guizhou high tech mining equipment Co., Ltd

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