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Golden nine and silver ten are now in the past. By the end of 2016, what new trends are worth discussing? Guanhao door and window editor believes that sliding door manufacturers should recognize the market situation under the new situation

the transformation of the main force of consumers in sliding door shopping malls

we have to admit that the current sliding door shopping malls are quietly changing. With the continuous expansion and formation of China's middle class, an increasing number of millionaires are gradually becoming younger. These young middle classes, both in quality and taste, have improved compared with the previous generation, and naturally become the primary collective in the consumption of medium and high-end sliding door goods. This has created opportunities for the development of sliding door shopping malls, and it is also a hot factor for the development of sliding door profession in recent years

such consumers will have higher requirements for the goods they need, often mixed with dense personal interests. Recent information informs us that a new consumer mall has quietly sprung up around us

green requirements are increasing

health, environmental protection and safety sliding door products are increasingly favored by a wide range of consumers and shopping malls. As consumers pay more and more attention to their own health, they naturally treat environment-friendly and healthy sliding door products differently. Green and safe sliding door products will become more and more popular in sliding door shopping malls in the future. Sliding door manufacturers should firmly grasp the characteristics of this era and make more efforts in the production of goods

From the era of to today, the market competition of sliding door profession has entered a white hot period. Now who can catch more consumers is the king of sales. In this era of focusing on results, many sliding door manufacturers are not reluctant to go to the door in order to achieve their goals, which is not desirable. We should follow the development of the times and keep up with the pulse of the times, and strive for this mall with our own efforts





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