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What is good for decorating the wall? Nowadays, when carrying out wall decoration, latex paint is no longer a single choice. Wallpaper, ceramic tiles, diatom mud and other materials are used to decorate the wall. Faced with so many choices, which one is better to use to decorate the wall? Now the editor of Wuhan home decoration network will introduce various materials for decorating the wall from the advantages and disadvantages of several materials

1. Emulsion paint

emulsion paint is a kind of wall decoration material used earlier, but now the emulsion paint is no longer only white, and there are a lot of color choices. Compared with other materials, emulsion paint is cheap, easy to construct, and its water phase property will not cause fire. However, when the emulsion paint meets water, it is easy to lose powder and blister, which will affect the appearance when it is dirty

2. Wallpaper

wallpaper is a kind of wall decoration material widely used in home decoration. There are a lot of colors, styles and patterns of wallpaper, which are highly decorative. The price is not particularly expensive, and it is very wear-resistant and easy to clean. However, the service life of wallpaper is not long, which is prone to edge warping, falling off and color fading. It needs to be replaced after a long time

3. Ceramic tiles

the price of ceramic tiles is relatively cheap, there are many designs and colors, and they are waterproof and easy to clean, but the ceramic tiles are easy to be damaged, cracks and so on, which are not easy to repair, thus affecting the beauty of the wall

4. Diatom mud

diatom mud has the advantages of removing formaldehyde, purifying air, adjusting humidity and releasing negative ions. It can also realize wall self-cleaning, sterilization and deodorization, fire prevention and flame retardation. It is a very good protective material, but diatom mud is expensive and has high requirements for construction technology

editor's summary: diatom mud has the best environmental protection, wallpaper decoration, latex paint is the cheapest, and ceramic tile cleaning has the best water resistance. Which material to choose for wall decoration can be selected according to the use of your house, and of course it can also be used together





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