Elegant large bathroom decoration gives you a diff

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If the bathroom of your house is relatively large, you don't have to worry about emptiness or clutter. The next few designs will give you inspiration

to be prominent, you need to do it thoroughly. The more simply, the cleaner the space is. A large area of red wall tiles are simply spliced around the bathtub. The impact red tiles are enough to attract everyone's attention even if they don't have much worth tasting

in addition to the highlight tone, the wall tiles are added with a little complex texture. Why don't the walls that you want to highlight jump out! The space is mostly paved with beige light grained marble tiles, but if the whole shower room is set up in the same way, although it is safe in visual cleanliness, it must be a little monotonous. The owner of the house made an overall highlight on one wall, and the gorgeous marble tiles pulled down the whole person's line of sight, and the beautiful colorful patterns were very attractive. Because there are light colored wall tiles around, there is no need to worry about the messy and complicated space because the wall tiles are too flowery. Light and heavy settings are the most popular

cold colors set the tone, local warm colors are dotted, the color layout is methodical, and the space is neat. The grey wall tiles have been put together in a large area, and the space ratio between the wall tiles and the paint is staggered. The red wall tiles at the corner of the shower room inadvertently cross from other time and space, but they fit quietly and seamlessly. The Red Mosaic in the washing area echoes the bright red wall perfectly, and the cold and warm colors in the bathroom are arranged in an orderly manner, with a series of surprises





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