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On July 7, the reporter learned from the latest "2012 Guangdong real estate corporate social responsibility report" released by the Guangdong real estate association that last year, more and more enterprises in Guangdong insisted on the delivery standard of decorated houses, and many leading real estate groups have realized the refined decoration and sale of foreign houses, reducing the pollution of secondary decoration to the environment

the relevant person in charge of Guangdong Housing Association said that as the first person responsible for the quality of the project, developers should strengthen their management awareness to prevent Jerry built materials, shoddy goods, or playing with concepts, and advertising is prone to "bring hardcover" and "send luxury clothes". We should also strengthen self-discipline norms, such as setting up standard model houses for building delivery, showing the construction technology and materials to the owners, and taking them as the owners' building resumption standards to eliminate the hidden dangers of quality disputes; At the same time, in case of quality problems, we should correctly deal with the owner's demands, take the initiative to rectify and meet the owner's needs within the allowable range

Guangdong Province is at the forefront of the country in terms of fully decorated housing. As the most popular fully decorated housing in China, Guangzhou has a full decoration rate of 40% - 60% for its newly opened housing, and a lower proportion in other cities. Guangdong Housing Association believes that the fully decorated housing conforms to the concepts of environmental protection, energy conservation and low carbon, meets the national housing industrialization, industrialization and other policy requirements, plays an important role in reducing resource consumption, and is the inevitable trend of the development of the housing industry in the future. More owners hope that the commercial housing is in a delivery state that can be checked in with a bag. It is suggested that in the future, the competent construction department should establish a delivery acceptance supervision system in the completion acceptance link, actively promote the quality household acceptance, and ensure that each set of housing meets the standard




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