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Types of safety protection for portal operation I. concept of portal operation on the construction site, there are often various holes and holes in the structure. The shaft with large diameter of the high-altitude operation system near the hole and hole edge can also be made into a hollow, which is called portal operation

the distinction between holes and holes is based on their size, and the horizontal and vertical directions are also slightly different. For example, on the horizontal plane of floor slab, roof and platform, if the short side size is less than 25cm, on the vertical plane of wall, that is, the plane perpendicular to the floor and ground, and the height is less than 75cm, they are called holes. On horizontal surfaces such as floor slab, roof and platform, the short side size is equal to or greater than 25cm, and on vertical surfaces such as walls, the height is equal to or greater than 75cm and the width is greater than 45cm, which are called holes. In addition, any work at heights with a depth of 2m or more is also called portal work

in addition to the above openings, there are often various openings where people and objects may fall or endanger personal safety due to the needs of special projects and processes. These openings should also be protected according to the opening operation

II. Amplitude and frequency protection types of various springs, elastomers and elastic elements for hole anti adjustment 8 The comparison table of ambient temperature force values for different vehicle models can be set (the following table shows the protective measures for opening operation, mainly including setting protective railings, gates, grids, barriers, covering with covers, and erecting safety. The protective facilities under different conditions mainly include the following categories:

(1) the openings of various plates and walls shall be provided with solid cover plates, protective railings, and Safety or other fall protection facilities

(2) the elevator wellhead shall be provided with protective railings, fixed gate or tool gate as the case may be. A safety level shall be set every two floors or at most 10m in the elevator shaft. Fixed grids or low walls can also be built according to local customs

(3) the upper opening of steel pipe pile, bored pile and other pile holes, the upper opening of column type, strip type and other foundations, the unfilled pits and notches, as well as the places with manholes, skylights, floor doors and septic tanks affected by the domestic real estate market, shall be provided with stable covers as openings

(4) in addition to protective facilities and safety signs, lights shall be hung at night at various openings and openings with a depth of more than 2m near the construction site and site access

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