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Selection and selection skills of hydraulic control valve. Improper model selection will cause water blocking and air leakage. When selecting the hydraulic control valve, it is necessary to select the water discharge of the high-efficiency hydraulic control valve by multiplying the hourly steam consumption of the equipment by the selected multiple as the maximum condensate water. In order to ensure that the hydraulic control valve can discharge condensate as soon as possible during start-up and quickly increase the temperature of the heating equipment. The energy discharged by the hydraulic control valve is not enough, which will create a world perspective. It is particularly important that the condensed water cannot be discharged in time. 15 concrete antifreeze reduces the thermal efficiency of the heating equipment

when selecting the hydraulic control valve, the hydraulic control valve cannot be selected based on the nominal pressure, because the nominal pressure only indicates the pressure level of the hydraulic control valve body shell, and the nominal pressure of the hydraulic control valve is very different from the working pressure. Therefore, the discharge of hydraulic control valve shall be selected according to the working pressure difference. The working pressure difference refers to the difference between the working pressure in front of the hydraulic control valve and the outlet back pressure of the hydraulic control valve. The selection of hydraulic control valve requires accurate steam blocking and drainage, high sensitivity, improved steam utilization rate, no steam leakage, reliable working performance, high back pressure rate, long service life and convenient maintenance

the hydraulic control valve is a water pressure controlled valve, which is composed of a main valve and its attached conduit, pilot valve, needle valve, ball valve and pressure gauge

any hydraulic control valve actuator is a device that uses energy to drive the valve. This hydraulic control valve device may be a manually operated gear set, which uses the hydraulic control valve to open and close the valve, or an intelligent electronic component with complex control and measurement devices, which can realize the continuous adjustment of the valve. With the development of microelectronics technology, the actuator of hydraulic control valve becomes more and more complex. Early actuators were only motor gear drives with position sensing switches. Nowadays, the actuator has more advanced functions. The hydraulic control valve can not only open or close the valve, but also detect the working status of the valve and actuator to provide various data for predictive maintenance

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