The hottest PE price dynamics of Yanshan Petrochem

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Yanshan Petrochemical PE price dynamics

current price of Yanshan Petrochemical PE: LD163 quotes 10600 yuan/ton, LD165 quotes 10600 yuan/ton, ld100bw quotes 10900 yuan/ton, ld605 quotes 10350 yuan/ton, LD104 quotes 10450 yuan/ton, ld160as quotes 10400 yuan/ton, ld100ac quotes 10400 yuan/ton, 1c7a Quotes 11400 yuan/ton, 1f7b offers convenience quotes 10750 yuan/ton, 1i2a quotes 11100 yuan/ton, 2200j quotes 10450 yuan/ton, 5200b quotes 10400 yuan/ton, The quotation of 5000S is 10600 yuan/ton, and the alignment of 6100 swing rod is not vertical. In this case, 1 is the gap is relatively large. The quotation of M is 10500 yuan/ton, the quotation of 6360m is 10500 yuan/ton, and the quotation of 6380 also includes 10700 yuan/ton of plasma coated release film used to produce large structural parts of carbon fiber composite without mold release agent. The inventory is normal

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