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PE prices will rise due to the approval of 300000 tons of PE

PE prices will rise due to the approval of 300000 tons of PE

2 save the energy of transformation August 22, 2001

according to the petrochemical industry, it can provide customized solutions for customers. At present, it is widely rumored that the approval of agricultural polyethylene film (PE) in the mainland in the second half of the year will be released,

the scale reaches 300000 tons, which is equivalent to the PE supply flowing in the spot market of the whole Far East region; The industry said that due to the low inventory level of PE in the mainland and the frequent accidents in ethylene plants in Asia, including the international PE price and the domestic PE sales price in the next month, there is a high chance of future rise

according to the director of a local large petrochemical group, in the first half of this year, due to the intensive annual maintenance and low operation rate of ethylene manufacturers in the Far East, the PE price has remained high. In order to avoid buying high priced raw materials, Chinese Mainland did not buy much PE raw materials in the first half of this year; However, in the second half of the year, the mainland is about to enter the peak season of agricultural PE film, and the PE inventory level of mainland manufacturers has been

consumed to a very low level, which makes the mainland eager to buy PE raw materials for use. At present, PE manufacturers in the Far East pay great attention to the buying situation of mainland approvals

the industry pointed out that recently, many ethylene plants in the Far East have been involved in accidents and discharged into annual maintenance manufacturers, so that the supply of PE between manufacturers is also quite limited, including the annual maintenance of the second set of ethylene production line with an annual output of 500000 tons of PCs in Singapore, which is currently undergoing the bottle removal project, and the Ya Park, a large ethylene plant in Saudi Arabia, is also actively engaged in cooperation with famous domestic colleges and universities. The npet production line with an annual output of 800000 tons was suddenly shut down a few days ago, Honan, a Korean ethylene plant, has also stopped work to carry out the debottlenecking project, and the Hanhua strike at the Korean PE plant has not been resolved, which makes the PE spot market in the Far East insufficient at present

recently, it was reported that the mainland approved the purchase, with a scale of about 300000 tons. Although this information has not been confirmed by the mainland authorities for a long time, according to the manufacturers' understanding, the mainland has quietly bought raw materials with a low attitude in the market. Since the 300000 ton purchase specification is the upper limit that manufacturers in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the Middle East and other places can supply, the industry estimates that there is a high opportunity for the domestic PE sales price to rise again next month

at present, the PE price in South Korea is about $630 per ton, and Taiwan manufacturers will wait for the opportunity to follow up. It is worth observing whether the PE price in the Far East will gradually rise in the future

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