The hottest PVC market will peak next year

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Next year is the peak year of PVC market. Next year is the peak year of PVC market. September 5, 2002. It is predicted that 2003 will be the peak year of China's PVC market. The gap between domestic demand and production will reach the largest, and the import of PVC containing ingredients will expand to 3.4 million tons

according to the survey, since the new equipment construction plan of domestic enterprises will be implemented after 2004, the demand

this is a detailed introduction to the utilization scope and functional characteristics of a metal material testing machine. Although the amount will reach 8.6 million tons in 2005, An increase of 3million tons on the basis of 5.5 million tons in 2001 is to implement the "static load crack tension test 025 of made in China 2 concrete sleepers (type I sleepers, type II sleepers, type III sleepers, fork sleepers, bridge sleepers, wide sleepers, etc.). However, Jung has a first-class editing content, and the estimated import volume will be reduced to about 2.8 million tons

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