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Baoding has comprehensively tightened the paper industry. Mancheng County is the county with the most concentrated paper industry in Baoding, Hebei Province. There are 204 original paper-making enterprises in the county, including nearly 138 in daceying paper-making industrial zone alone. The maximum daily water intake and drainage of paper-making enterprises in the county reach 110000 tons. Due to the large consumption of groundwater resources in the paper industry, a groundwater funnel area with a depth of nearly 50 meters has been formed with daceying town as the center

after the national paper industry's special supervision TV conference on rectification, emission reduction and environmental protection was held, the environmental protection department of Baoding City, Hebei Province once again dispatched business backbones to form three special inspection teams to immediately carry out a comprehensive investigation of the city's paper industry. At the same time, Baoding city formed six inspection teams to re inspect the rectification situation in various regions. After renovation, the daily water extraction of daceying paper industry zone has fallen to 20000 tons, and the daily drainage is controlled at 17000 tons. The groundwater in daceying town has been conserved, and the water level in the center of the funnel has risen significantly

carry out enterprise integration to ensure the steady improvement of the papermaking industry level

Baoding city adopts the industry renovation method dominated by total amount control in the areas where papermaking enterprises are relatively dense and the papermaking industry occupies a large amount of local environmental resources, starting from the three elements of production capacity, drainage and sewage discharge, to carry out targeted and targeted control and management, so as to steadily improve the regional environmental quality

take daceying papermaking industrial zone in Mancheng County as an example. Due to the small scale of most enterprises in this industrial zone, the pollution control facilities are simple, and the more than 50000 tons of excessive wastewater discharged every day are sent into the centralized sewage treatment plant with a design capacity of only 30000 tons, which can not achieve the standard discharge at all. The waste of resources and environmental pollution are very serious. In order to completely reverse this passive situation, the municipal and county governments and environmental protection departments strictly implement the requirements of shutdown and remediation, install water intake metering devices one by one with reference to the principle of total amount control, and strictly control the water intake and wastewater discharge. For the 66 paper-making enterprises that actually resume production, the total daily discharge of water is limited to less than 30000 tons, and the discharged wastewater must meet the inflow standard of the sewage treatment plant, The annual discharge of chemical oxygen demand in the whole industrial zone shall not exceed the specified indicators

at the same time, according to the total amount reduction control principle of controlling the increment, adjusting the stock, increasing the large and suppressing the small, and supporting the superior and eliminating the inferior, Baoding City pays attention to policy guidance in the process of special rectification of the paper industry, and blocks out enterprises with poor capacity, low level, heavy pollution, no governance potential, and insufficient sustainable development capacity by strictly implementing the access standards; Support advantageous enterprises with high management level and good pollution control effect, and make them bigger and stronger. Only 89 of the original 204 enterprises in Mancheng County have resumed normal production through adjustment, reorganization, strengthening governance and standard acceptance

pay attention to the in-depth treatment of enterprises, ensure that the discharged sewage is stable and up to standard, and then start the accounting machine

for in-depth treatment is the basis to ensure that enterprises meet the discharge standard. To this end, the environmental protection department continues to strengthen supervision and actively promote the in-depth treatment of enterprise sewage. Baoding Banknote Paper Mill, the only raw material paper-making enterprise in the city that uses cotton lint as raw material, has changed the traditional caustic soda method of pulping to the dioxygen method through process innovation, completely eliminating pulping black liquor and solving the serious pollution problem of chlorine containing wastewater

Baoding Banknote Paper factory invested more than 70 million yuan to build a sewage treatment plant with a design daily treatment capacity of 40000 tons. It adopts the self-developed hydraulic sieve fiber recovery technology and the advanced activated sludge process with selector. The COD of the treated external drainage is 40 ~ 50mg/L. While reducing the emission of pollutants, the enterprise vigorously carried out cleaner production, energy conservation and consumption reduction, implemented the white water reuse project, and adopted the folding chair hydraulic screen and water distribution hydraulic screen to recycle fibers, which not only reduced the burden of end treatment, but also created considerable economic benefits

in addition, most of the clinker paper-making enterprises in the concentrated areas of paper-making enterprises and environmentally sensitive areas in the city have also adopted the treatment process of physicochemical and biochemical treatment, which has achieved stable emission up to standard and ensured the treatment effect

temporary resumption of work acceptance authority, unified organization of the acceptance of the rectification of closed enterprises

since last April, Baoding has formulated strict inspection, acceptance and resumption of work standards for the closure and treatment of water-related enterprises dominated by papermaking. In order to ensure the treatment effect, the municipal environmental protection department has temporarily expanded the acceptance authority of China's plastic machinery enterprises to open up new markets for extruders in recent years, Uniformly organize the acceptance of the rectification of closed enterprises. In accordance with the principles of strict inspection, cautious opening and promoting governance, we should speed up the research on the paper enterprises that have initially met the conditions for resumption of work through governance. Under the condition of not violating the WTO rules, we should check the construction of pollution control facilities one by one, monitor the sewage discharge one by one, and one is qualified, and one is accepted and resumed work. All relevant counties conscientiously implemented the city's unified inspection and resumption standards, formulated a package of acceptance standards for water conservancy, fire protection, land, quality, etc. in combination with local conditions, put forward stricter rectification requirements, and improved the management level of the paper industry as a whole

promote the construction of pollution source monitoring system in the paper industry

Baoding city has focused on promoting the construction of pollution source monitoring system in the paper industry on the basis of strengthening routine supervision such as daily inspection, increasing the frequency of supervisory monitoring, carrying out special investigation in the paper industry, and using advanced equipment to detect hidden wells, hidden pipes, and hidden roads for illegal discharge and illegal release. Since last year, nearly 700000 yuan has been invested in the construction of monitoring platforms in new urban areas, Mancheng, Gaoyang, Li County, Anxin, Qingyuan and other places with relatively dense paper industry, as well as the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau. At the same time, the need to install cod monitoring equipment has also become one of the basic conditions for the resumption and acceptance of paper enterprises. At present, 152 papermaking enterprises in the upper reaches of Baiyangdian have installed automatic monitoring equipment, 128 of which have been connected with municipal and county monitoring platforms

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