The hottest PVC offer remains strong, and there ar

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[PVC] the offer remains firm, and there are still hidden worries about the demand.

I. brief introduction of the market

the PVC market offer continues to remain firm. Although the recent positive news from the policy side has promoted the market, the downstream demand side has been insufficient to follow up, and the operating mentality of participants is more complex. At present, the mainstream quotation of ethylene material is yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of type 5 electric stone is yuan/ton. The actual transaction can be negotiated

II. Brief introduction to the upstream market

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) rose on September 14 and briefly rose above $100 a barrel, but closed below the four month high hit in the session. Nymex10 crude oil futures closed up 69 cents, or 0.70%, at $99 a barrel, rising to $100.42 in the session. The Brent crude oil futures contract in November rose 78 cents, or 0.67%, to settle at $116.66 a barrel

last Friday (September 14), ethylene in Asia was mixed, with CFR Northeast Asia falling 5 to US dollars/ton and CFR Southeast Asia rising 20 to US dollars/ton

III. local market conditions

today's PVC market quotation is strong. The business mentality is mainly wait-and-see, and the operation is cautious

the PVC market offer in Guangzhou rose again, the market inventory continued to be low, and the shipholders continued to raise their offer. At the beginning of the week, the enthusiasm of downstream inquiries was general, and the market circulation speed did not accelerate significantly. The mainstream quotation of ordinary five type electric stone is about yuan/ton, and some low-end Inner Mongolia materials are also about 6700 yuan/ton, but the quantity is limited

the PVC market in Hangzhou has increased steadily, with a range of yuan/ton. At present, the Tianchen/Tianneng 5 type of warehouses in Zhejiang has increased by 30 to 6700 yuan/ton, which can be discounted; Tianchen type 8 and Tianye type 7 can enjoy preferential treatment if they increase by 50 to 6850 yuan/ton; Tianye type 3 increased by 40 to 6870 yuan/ton, with no discount

the PVC market in Qilu Chemical City rose as a whole, with a range of about yuan/ton. Futures continued to open higher, and the mentality of merchants was relatively optimistic, with obvious high news. Reference quotation of various materials: s700/s1000 is more than 7050 yuan/ton. 800f sincerely welcomes you. 675 has many advantages, 0 yuan/ton, 1000F is 6750 yuan/ton, qs650 is 6800 yuan/ton

IV. in terms of the latest quotation

the PVC plant in Ningbo of Formosa Plastics Co., Ltd. normally discharges materials. The latest quotation is implemented today. The quotation of ethylene materials S-60, S-70 and S-65 is 7400 yuan/ton (spot exchange), and the sporadic delivery is slightly lower than 100 yuan/ton. At present, the supply of goods is in short supply, and the manufacturer will not accept new orders for the time being, mainly for the previous orders of old customers

sinosalt Jilantai PVC device is in normal operation, and there is no fluctuation this time. Its 5-type electric stone is subject to 6300 yuan/ton acceptance and self delivery. Customers who often help with equipment measurement can enjoy a discount of 50 yuan/ton, and the East China vehicle price is subject to yuan/ton acceptance. The delivery situation is acceptable

the PVC plant of Xinwen Mining Co., Ltd. started stably, and the factory acceptance quotation of calcium carbide method type V material is about 6650 yuan/ton, with stable sales. 3. The sliding surface of the inlaid steel plate in contact with the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean

v. future market forecast

the market fundamentals have not been significantly improved, and the trading is still light. As the "golden nine silver ten" of PVC industry is approaching, and the autumn inspection period of PVC production enterprises is approaching, the contradiction between market supply and demand is expected to be eased slightly. Although it is difficult to make a great change. However, it can partially alleviate the pressure on PVC prices. It is expected that the PVC market may continue the narrow consolidation pattern in the short term

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