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Safety technical measures for installing hydraulic protective cribbing in 21141 upper roadway

according to the needs of upper roadway erosion prevention in 21141 heading face, the mine research decided that the reserve team should install four hydraulic protective cribbing in No. 11 pressure relief chamber 1300 meters away from 21141 upper roadway. In order to ensure construction safety and engineering quality, the following safety technical measures are formulated:

I Specific position of roughness affecting accuracy:

21141 working face upper roadway 1300 meters

II. Specific requirements:

1. Install 4 hydraulic cribbing supports (including protective door), and ensure that the effective space height in the support is 2.1 meters after the support is installed; The first frame outside is 200mm away from the opening of the pressure relief chamber; The frame shall be close between the frame top beams; The overall support is erected in the middle of the pressure relief chamber, and equidistant space is reserved on both sides for the convenience of wood pillars

2. Make wooden point rods in the column sockets at both ends of the cribbing, and operate the valves for two zigzag experiments to keep consistent

3. Beat wood pillars on three sides of the cribbing. Requirements: the log is more than 160mm, the spacing is 500mm, and the distance from the protective iron plate is not less than 150mm. Most places are almost blank

4. Four logs are threaded on the top of the support

5. The stacking support must be Weston when the new well is put into the tank? 705 antioxidants keep the same direction for the safety of food packaging materials

6. Use the hydraulic pump station at the roadway entrance, connect a tee and plane stop valve near the entrance of No. 11 pressure relief chamber, and connect the pipeline

7. A group of signals shall be installed near the installation point for the use of the phase interconnection tie-in support

8. During installation, use the manual hoist to cooperate with the hydraulic jack of the support itself to pull it to the installation position, connect the connecting parts of the main body, and the supporting parts should be installed completely, firmly and reliably. All structural members move flexibly, the handle is set to zero, the hydraulic pipeline is connected, and all parts are aligned in time

9. After hitting the pole, fill the space with perlite, and finally fix the door

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