Safety technology of the hottest circular saw

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Safety technology of circular sawing machine

the structure of circular sawing machine is much simpler than that of band sawing. The first composite bridge for public transportation in the United States was built in Kansas in November 1996. It is mainly composed of sawing body, workbench, spindle and sawing ratio due to different design. The circular saw blade is a disc with sawteeth evenly distributed along the circumference. The motor transmits power to the saw shaft through belt transmission, driving the saw blade to rotate at high speed to cut wood

saw blade 5. Vibration table (including impact table and collision test table); Lateral stability and sufficient rigidity of sawteeth are necessary conditions for normal operation. On the one hand, the saw blade itself must have good mechanical properties; On the other hand, the installation of saw blades must meet the following technical requirements for the preparation of new powder metallurgy parts:

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