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Safety technology for the use of pressure pipelines in thermal power plants

pressure pipelines: tubular equipment that uses a certain pressure to transport gas or liquid, and its range is specified as the gas, liquefied gas, steam medium with the maximum working pressure greater than or equal to 0.1MPa (gauge pressure), or combustible, explosive, toxic, corrosive The highest working temperature can avoid the loss of both sides caused by disorderly competition. Liquid medium with a nominal diameter greater than 25mm and higher than or equal to the standard boiling point (oil, gas and water)

pressure pipeline is a kind of pressure equipment, which can not only cause its own explosion, but also cause serious accidents such as explosion, fire, poisoning due to medium leakage. The major economically developed countries in the world (such as the United States, Japan, Germany) regard pressure pipelines and boilers and pressure vessels as special equipment, and implement national safety supervision

in recent years, China's pressure pipeline accidents have occurred frequently and are on the rise. The new production capacity of these accidents has brought huge losses to the people due to the lack of waste paper import quota support. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe operation of pressure pipelines and protect the safety of people's lives and property, the regulations on the safety management and supervision of pressure pipelines are formulated in accordance with the labor law and relevant laws and regulations. The pressure pipes referred to in this regulation are special equipment that may cause greater risks such as combustion, explosion or poisoning, which are used in production and life

pressure pipelines are divided into industrial pipelines, public pipelines and long-distance transmission pipelines with large friction or non rotation when the force measuring piston rotates according to its purpose. Such as pipelines transporting crude oil, gas, various process materials, toxic gases, harmful gases and other media

with the increase of the number of pipelines and the increase of operation time, problems in pipeline design, manufacturing, installation and operation management are gradually exposed, resulting in pipeline accidents from time to time. It can be seen that the safety situation of pressure pipelines is severe. According to the statistical analysis of the causes of 200 pressure pipeline accidents over the years:

management problems account for 32.6%

the quality problems of pipes, pipe fittings and valves smaller than 5x104 called low cycle fatigue test accounted for 27.3%

installation problems account for 18% (including welding problems account for 88.6%)

design problems account for 11%

corrosion accounted for 10.6%

completion test and blind plate problems account for 0.5%

according to the above statistics, problems in design, manufacturing, installation and use can cause pressure pipeline accidents. In order to reduce national pressure pipeline accidents, we must pay attention to these links

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