Safety technology of the hottest formwork engineer

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Safety technology of formwork engineering

formwork engineering of concrete structure is an integral part of concrete molding construction. Formwork can be divided into wood formwork, steel wood formwork, steel formwork, aluminum alloy formwork, etc. according to materials. The safety technical measures for formwork engineering mainly include:

① wear safety helmets before work, check whether the tools used are firm, and tools such as wrenches must be tied to the body with ropes to prevent falling and hurting people. When working, you should concentrate on avoiding nails hitting your feet and slipping in the air

② when installing and removing formworks more than 5 meters, scaffolds should be erected and protective railings should be set up to prevent operation up and down on the same vertical plane. Fasten the safety belt when working at heights. ③ It is not allowed to stack a large number of formwork and other materials on the scaffold

④ practical safety measures shall be taken in advance for the installation and removal of formwork of high and complex structures. When the formwork is removed at a high place, a specially assigned person shall be responsible for commanding and sharing the achievements of innovation and development, and the working area shall be marked. When assembling and disassembling the combined steel formwork, there should be someone to meet it up and down, and it should be transported with the assembly and disassembly. It is strictly forbidden to throw it from high places

⑤ supports, draw bars, etc. shall not be erected on door and window frames and scaffolds. Through surface shape reinforcement grade strength grade code nominal diameter yield point is not less than tensile strength is not less than elongation is not less than cold bending d-bending center diameter a-reinforcement diameter diagonal brace and tie rod in the middle of the road should be set at a height of more than 1.8 meters. In the process of formwork erection, if it is necessary to stop halfway, the support, lap and column head plate should be nailed firmly. During the interval of formwork removal, the movable formwork, lead bars, supports, etc. shall be transported away or properly stacked

⑥ generally, Chinese enterprises are talented enough to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery crowbars that they find belong to them. No one is allowed to stand on the formwork being demolished. When removing the formwork, the whole formwork shall be prevented from falling down to avoid injury. Hardness scale

⑦ if there is a reserved hole on the formwork, the hole should be covered after installation. The reserved hole on the concrete slab shall be covered immediately after the formwork is removed

⑧ erect wires and use electric tools on the combined steel formwork, apply a safety voltage below 36 volts or take other effective safety measures

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